Car Accident Attorney in Sacramento

Car Accident Attorney in Sacramento

Have you or a loved one been involved in an accident in Sacramento? Call us today.

If you have been injured by a negligent party in Sacramento, you have the right to file a lawsuit against them to receive recovery for your injuries suffered. Not only does this include your physical injuries, but also your emotional injuries, medical bills, and workplace damage you have suffered. Our Sacramento car accident attorneys have decades of experience representing victims who have been injured in car accidents in Sacramento. We understand the different tactics we must take to make sure that you get the compensation that you deserve. We always want to make sure that our clients are well-informed with every step of their case, and we work tirelessly to make sure that our clients get the compensation they deserve.

Sacramento Accident Statistics

  • According to the Sacramento County Coroner’s office, a car accident is the second cause of death in Sacramento County, along with natural causes, suicide, homicide, and undetermined.
  • In 2019, there were around 200 fatalities caused by a car accident.
  • Males were more likely to be involved in a fatal car accident in Sacramento County compared to females.
  • There were around 23 pedestrians involved in car accident fatalities in 2019.

Why should I contact a Sacramento car accident lawyer?

Our lawyers will be able to help you fight against insurance companies and third parties who will try to downplay their liability as much as possible. Insurance companies will always try to play manipulative tactics to prevent paying out large sums to injured victims. That is why it is very important to have an attorney who relentlessly fights for their clients. We understand just how stressful it can be to be involved in an accident, that is why we are here from the beginning until the end of your legal claim. We dedicate ourselves to making sure that our clients get the legal assistance they deserve, along with the compensation they deserve.

 When should I file my car accident claim in Sacramento?

There are several different laws that apply and determine when you should file your car accident claim. For example, the common time limit on when you need to file your personal injury lawsuit is 2 years from the date of the accident, or 2 years from the date that you discover your injuries that were caused by the car accident. However, if you are filing a case against the government, you only have six months from the date of the injury. Instances where you could be filing a case against the government are when the road conditions caused the accident.

To determine specifically when you must file your car accident claim in Sacramento, California, contact our experienced car accident attorneys today.

 How do you prove a car accident in Sacramento?

If you have been involved in a car accident, you most likely will file a claim for negligence against the defendant. In order to prove negligence, you must show:

  • The defendant had a duty to the plaintiff to drive or act in a reasonably safe manner.
  • The defendant failed to follow that duty and breached their duty of care. For example, if the defendant caused the accident, you must show that the defendant failed to take specific measures to prevent the accident. This is a very important step, and it is the responsibility of your attorney to gather as much information as possible about the accident.
  • The defendant’s breach caused the accident. Causation is also another factor that your attorney must show and prove in court. The defendant will most likely try to raise defenses arguing against causation, possibly blaming other parties or even the plaintiff themselves.
  • The plaintiff now suffered damages and injuries from the accident. These injuries could include pain and suffering and lost wages.

What type of compensation could I recover for my Sacramento car accident lawsuit?

The type of compensation you recover depends on the circumstances of the accident. But, the most common types of damages we have recovered for our clients cover include:

  • Past lost wages: this refers to the number of hours the plaintiff missed out from work while healing from their injuries
  • Future lost wages: if the injuries are permanent, then the plaintiff will be able to recover future lost wages as a result of not being able to return to work
  • Future lost income: if the plaintiff has to seek other employment, they may be able to recover the difference between what they were originally making in income, and what they are making now
  • Medical bills: this refers to all the prescription medication, physical therapy, along with hospital costs associated with the injuries caused by the accident
  • Emotional distress: this refers to the anxiety, depression, and PTSD suffered by the plaintiff as they try to heal from their injuries
  • Punitive damages: this is only awarded in very specific circumstances, and is only awarded when the court finds that the defendant engaged in malicious behavior

What should I do after a car accident in Sacramento?

We understand that the car accident could be very overwhelming, and you can be scattered and confused as to what to do next. Before you decide to take any necessary steps, we encourage you to contact our top-rated Sacramento lawyers. Other steps you must take are to:

  • Contact the police immediately
  • Seek medical attention
  • Refrain from speaking to defendants or third parties
  • Contact an experienced car accident attorney today

How will a Sacramento attorney help me?

  1. Our attorneys will investigate all the circumstances related to your car accident claim to make sure that we can hold the defendant liable for the accident.
  2. Our attorneys will handle all the communications between the defendants and insurance companies to make sure that you are not taking advantage of. 
  3. Our attorneys will file all the necessary paperwork timely with the courts.
  4. Our attorneys will fight aggressively in trial if both parties fail to come to some sort of settlement negotiations

Contact Our Sacramento Lawyers Today

Our Sacramento attorneys have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients, and we understand the different steps we must take to make sure that you are adequately represented. Having a well-qualified attorney on your side could make or break your entire case. That is why we recommend you hire an attorney when filing a lawsuit in Sacramento.

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