Capturing the Perfect Shots: When to Take Bridal Photos for the Best Results

When to Take Bridal Photos for the Best Results

Every couple wants the best of everything on their big day – from the perfect dress or cake to a stunning venue. And when capturing special moments in time, bridal photos are no exception.

Kate Legters Photography is a go-to professional service many Cincinnati, Ohio, couples turn to for stunning wedding photos. We asked Kate for her expert tips on when to take bridal photos for the best results. Here’s what she told us:

“Timing is everything when taking great bridal photos, so I recommend scheduling the portrait session an hour or two before the start of your wedding ceremony. This offers you plenty of time for hair and makeup, while letting you get the perfect shots.” Read on for more pointers on the best time to schedule your bridal photos.

1. In the Golden Hour

The golden hour is when the menacing orange ball of fire on the horizon magically transforms mediocre selfies into #nofiltergoals. When the sun is at its lowest – just before it sets or an hour after it rises – its light is dimmer. This lends itself to a gorgeous, dreamy look for bridal shots.

During this time, the sun casts a flattering, warm glow that can make even the most skeptical bride feel like a goddess. Move over, Photoshop – this is nature’s filter at its finest.

The sun also softly illuminates the faces of love-struck newlyweds, casting playful galactic halos around their delightful hair. Also, the ever-so-delicately spreading shadows highlight the detail of an exquisitely crafted wedding gown – no need to invest in pricey editing apps.

Lean into the glorious golden hour to capture Instagram-worthy bridal shots. Trust us; you’ll thank Mother Nature for her divine filter when your wedding photos become a work of art.

2. During or After the Ceremony

They say the devil is in the details. Thus, if you intend to capture the elements that make the big day special, let your photographer take photos as the wedding progresses or after the fact.

For instance, they can capture the charged emotion and sparkling moment between a proud father and his beautiful daughter in her gown on their way to the altar. Or, they may shoot a lovingly composed shot of a newly minted mister and missus saying goodnight outside the venue.

But even if the ceremony is over, a photographer can capture the beautiful chaos of an open dance floor and a tender first dance between two love birds. While at it, they can keep an eye out for all the gorgeous little details and dedicate some time to collecting them – from the bride’s signature pair of shoes to the groom’s matching boutonniere, or grandmas’ pearl necklace. Thus, whether you’re aiming to immortalize a classic lineup of bridesmaids or capture other wedding details shots, let your photographer tap into their inner artist and take advantage of these moments.

3. Before Guests Troop into the Reception Site

Consider capturing your love story before your guests storm the reception site. Capitalize on the 15 minutes you have by showcasing your dazzling new wedding rings, and let the eternal love you’re both bound in shine through the camera lens. Plus, such alone time could be ideal for practicing your dance moves, which could make a lovely candid shot.

Also, your photographer can take stunning shots of the wedding party. They can also take the fabled mirror shot as you gaze lovingly at your partner’s reflections. Or, if you want some fun, swap partners for a moment with your bridal party or groomsmen for some hysterical partner mismatch photos – ensuring everyone knows the reception is as fun-filled as you. The few can’t-miss moments could make your wedding album shine like your Great Aunt Ruth’s sequined clutch.

4. At Night

What’s a wedding if you can’t sneak out for some magical photos as everyone else dances the night away? Night photography can produce incredible shots as the day fades away.

Whether you step out for a few minutes with your partner or wait until everyone leaves, take advantage of the gorgeous backdrop of city lights and shimmering stars. Your photographer can take romantic shots of you and your partner in various poses while silhouetted against the night sky. Or, they can capture the blissful memories of your closest family and friends in fun group photos.

Your wedding photos should be an embodiment of the unique story you share with your partner. So, regardless of the kind of images you wish to capture, utilize the natural beauty of your wedding day and all its little nuances to create romantic and timeless photos.

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Written by Joshua White

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