Realistically Speaking, How Hard Is It To Win A Progressive Jackpot

Question: How attainable is a progressive jackpot? How long do we have to play to have a hope of winning? How much money do we have to spend to try and hit those thousands and even millions of dollars in return? We’re about to explore progressive jackpots, how they work and the best way to approach them for your chance at winning big.

Playing at a casino?

We get it, you want to understand what it takes to potentially win big. And rightly so. After all, who in their right mind wouldn’t want to hit the jackpot?! But, your first priority should be to select a good online casino. Now, HeadlineCasinos has loads of them listed on their site, but one of our favorites has gotta be Hello Casino.

If you are going to be trying for a progressive jackpot win at an online casino this step is critical. You have a lot less to choose from if you are going to pick a physical casino or a gambling provider in person. But with more choices, as you have online, this means you have to think more critically about their offerings.

What exactly is a progressive jackpot?

A progressive jackpot is the big prize in a game that increases with each time it is played and not won. For example, if we are talking about a lottery played every week, if $2.5M is not won in week one, it might go up to $2.75M in week two and $2.8M in week three, until someone wins it for $3M in week four. It would then reset back to $2.5M and the process would start again. A proportion of each of the lottery ticket sales contributes to the new jackpot each round.

The same goes for if you are playing a progressive jackpot at the poker machines, except the jackpot total goes up for each game that a player plays, so for each time a bet is placed to spin the reels.

This is not just on one machine, instead, the progressive jackpot goes across a number of machines.

Winning a progressive jackpot in person

Everyone wants to be a jackpot winner. Whether it’s winning big on the lottery or hitting the big time on a slot machine, the elusive megabucks jackpot is one that we have all set our sights on at some time or other. Wouldn’t it be great to win millions to spend on whatever it is that we wanted most?

If a progressive jackpot was just on one machine, theoretically you could sit at the machine playing for an indefinite time until you win. Traditionally, this progressive jackpot was accumulated over just one game title, so there may be a group of let’s say, five machines of the same game. At some point in time, if the machines are played, the progressive jackpot will go off on one of these five machines.

However, this isn’t good for physical casino owners, as you could band together a gang of players to occupy those machines at all times until a win occurs, then split the winnings. For progressive jackpot games that “must-hit” (payout the jackpot before it hits a certain dollar amount) this is an even greater reason to join a gambling syndicate. These syndicates are not illegal, depending on where you live.

Soon, progressive jackpot machines were distributed around different venues and different game titles, making it much more difficult to occupy all machines until a win. Still, syndicates do exist and try and send people out to play on all machines at all times.

Winning a progressive jackpot online

Like physical machines, you need to take a look at the terms of an online progressive jackpot. Mega Moolah is currently the progressive jackpot that pays out the most, with some wins of around $20M!

In seeking out Mega Moolah games you’ll have a lot of different games to choose from. There are also many, many players from around the world playing Mega Moolah progressive jackpots. Since online slot machines aren’t limited in the number that can be played at any one time, unlike physical slot machines, there is no way to be able to start a syndicate. You don’t know how much other players are betting at these machines and you don’t know how many machines are being played at once. Since the jackpot doesn’t have a “must-hit” payout, you can’t jump online when it’s at $19.5M in the hopes you’re a winner because it can go above $20M.

There are also plenty of other progressive jackpots kicking around, such as WowPot. While playing at a less popular progressive jackpot game might mean that you’re among a smaller pool of players, there is still no guarantee of a win, plus the winnings will be smaller if you do.

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