Over the last ten years, gaming has advanced beyond people’s wildest dreams. From what used to be terrible graphics — although they seemed incredible at the time — to be able to immerse yourself in a game using VR technology, we’ve come a long way. For all the 3.4 billion active gamers out there, the transition to more realistic gameplay couldn’t have come quicker. Another exciting development is the career opportunities that gaming now provides. 

But the question is, as a gamer, can you really turn your passion into a career? Below, we will discuss how it is possible and the best way of doing it. 

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The Transition From Hobby To Career

For most people, gaming starts as a hobby that begins the minute they can work the controls. Millennials will have memories of playing on the PlayStation One or Nintendo Cube – oh, how they were good times! The simplicity of gaming has vanished. In its place are mesmerising graphics, more immersive gameplay and better storylines. It is part of the reason why the transition from hobby to career is now easily possible. 

The transition from hobby to career only happens with talent and dedication. To turn actual gaming into a job, it has to be your life. There are multiple ways of turning a hobby into a career, so we’ll stick with two viable options. The first is to start streaming across multiple platforms. Twitch and Discord are two of the biggest. The more you stream, the more people will start watching you. By collaborating with other gamers and doing a joint stream, you’re more likely to get more views. There are even streaming groups that make it easier to get noticed.

As time goes on and your viewer numbers rise, you’ll naturally find opportunities to come to you. Some companies hire gamers as the gaming worlds version of ‘influencers’. That’s one of the easiest ways to start gaming as a career. Use social media to promote your streaming and gaming content, and your following will naturally begin to grow.

The second is to think about setting up a gaming blog or vlog. There are some huge gaming YouTuber’s thanks to YouTube Gaming and the fact that people will go to Youtube to discover how to complete a level, unlock new characters or weapon’s, or get sneak previews of games before they buy them. If you look at gaming vloggers such as TmarTn2, you’ll see how easy it is to gain followers on Youtube by putting up videos that go through the storyline of a game. 

How To Get There Faster

If you’re eager to see if you can turn gaming into a career, there are a few ways of fast-tracking to the top. The first is to invest in great equipment from the beginning. Why wait for time to pass until you get better equipment that will allow you to produce better streams or videos? Short term loans are a great way of gaining access to the quick money that will allow you to buy better equipment. If you’re thinking of starting a gaming YouTube channel, investing in better equipment from the start is essential. 

You should also consider the gaming console that you are using. Most professional gamers use PC’s rather than consoles, although you can start a career using an Xbox or PlayStation. High-quality PC’s are expensive, and they do require some TLC to keep them in perfect condition, but once you start using a PC to game, you’ll never turn back.

Other Gaming Careers

Being an actual gamer is not the only career that will allow you to be involved in gaming. There are plenty of other careers that would see you involved in designing and testing games or even marketing them. The issue is, most gaming careers, other than actual gaming, require qualifications. Games graphics, design, and software development are all typically careers that would require some sort of qualification.

Luckily for you, you don’t have to go to university to get one. There are plenty of online courses that will put you in a great position. A quick Google search will show you how easy it is to start a course online with little investment. 

Here are some of the most popular gaming career choices:

  • Games Designer
  • Software Developer
  • Games Tester
  • Games Animator
  • Games Audio Engineer
  • Interpreters and translators

There are typically a large team of people behind any new games development!

There are tons that you could do with gaming to turn it from a hobby to a career. It’s never too late to start a gaming career, especially if it is something you’re passionate about. Find a part of gaming that you feel strongly about and research ways of beginning your gaming journey.

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