If you are on this article then for sure you have a tv aerial connection and you want to know whether you can use this connection for the FM or DAB radio, or not. Well you are confused, and fortunately we have a solution to this confusion. In this article we have shared some pieces of information that could help you in identifying whether your TV aerial connection is eligible for the FM radio or not. I am very sure you are going to learn more interesting things about the TV aerial connections. First of all I would recommend you to get the basic knowledge of the FM, TV aerials and DAB radio before you go in depth. With the basic knowledge you could judge and can understand even more better

Radio and TV Antennas are using Different Frequencies

In the broadcasting of the channels the TV, FM and DAB are using the different frequencies. The Radio needs very high frequency  (VHF) for the broadcasting, and the TV aerials require Ultra high frequency (UHF) for the broadcasting. So this is the logical thing that the tv aerial you can use for the high quality TV channels. On the other hand the radio signals can be used for the law quality signals, even the radio signals can work on the shortest wave signals. So you can say the radio signals of the TV aerial can be used as the FM radio, so you can have your current tv aerial installation set up as FM or DAB radio.

However, this does not mean that when you have a TV antenna installed, it will not detect “unwanted frequencies”. What I mean by this is that by simply placing a conductive material high up, usually on the roof of your home, you will naturally pick up some frequencies that are beyond the range of the antenna you have installed. This means that if you install a TV antenna and there are radio frequencies nearby, it is very likely that some of these will be picked up by the TV antenna, albeit at a lower level than a specially designed radio antenna would receive.

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