living in hostel

Campus VS Student Housing: What is Better?

This topic can be the most relevant and equally acute for many students. If you or your friend are going to move, and it is not easy for you to prioritize and make the right choice.

So, the question “where to live?” becomes easy to solve once you clearly define for yourself the pros and cons of each option. In our case, there are only two of them:

  • campus;
  • off-campus housing.

Let’s consider each in more detail.


Cost is a decisive factor for many when choosing a place to live. And, of course, it is important to understand that renting an apartment is much more expensive than living in a hostel. It is better to look for rental options on the relevant sites that offer student housing New York. So you can immediately see and evaluate the location of the apartment, its price and other conditions.


Here definitely wins the apartment.  After all, in the apartment you can be alone, and no matter how much. If it is preparation for an exam, you can not leave your home for several days, and no one will interfere.

Yes, modern hostels are trying to keep up with ordinary housing in terms of their conditions. However, they are still far from full similarity. Shared bathroom, refrigerators and stove for everyone, as well as constant proximity to people contribute. A hostel, in which everyone’s wishes must be taken into account, will never compare in convenience with a rented apartment, where the law is only what you want. And it is worth remembering.


What has always been and will always be true: the campus is an ideal place to meet, communicate and make friends. Each of us has a moment when we just want to have fun and not think about anything. The campus is a great option.

After all, it is here that students are within walking distance: no thoughts about what to wear, and the weather outside is not important. But to drink tea and talk calmly, or to gather your friends together to have a good time – it’s up to you. While in an apartment without friends and loved ones, a couple of days are enough to miss ordinary conversations. However, it depends on everyone.


The advantage of the campus, which we described above, is at the same time its significant disadvantage. The fact is that constant communication and possible parties rarely contribute to academic success. The inability to remain in silence and solitude directly affects the level of concentration, and this, in turn, quickly affects student performance. However, in the hostel you can always find undergraduates who will agree to help with their studies. A rented apartment does not have such a circle of useful acquaintances.

The Freedom of Action

Living in a hostel, of course, requires compliance with certain rules that can be bypassed in an apartment. 

As you can see, if a person needs comfort, tranquility and suitable service, then life off the campus is the most suitable option.