8 Best Calendly Alternatives and Competitors to Choose in 2023

Calendly Alternatives and Competitors to Choose


Meetings, appointments, and follow-ups are crucial to running a successful business. While people use diaries and journals to keep track of their meetings and appointments and not miss them, online solutions have taken over the job in today’s technology-driven world.

Businesses can use several online software solutions to schedule their meetings and appointments. Calendly is one of the most popular online scheduling software platforms out there.

However, Calendly is not the only solution. If you are a Calendly user looking for better alternatives, you are in the right place.

Here are 8 top Calendly alternatives that you can start using now.

Why look for Calendly alternatives


There are several reasons users are looking for Calendly alternatives. Some of the most common reasons are:

  • High pricing of Calendly
  • Lack of automation features
  • Limited integration options
  • Business growth requirements
  • No customization features
  • Better customer service options

All these reasons make it imperative to look for top alternatives to Calendly.

Top 8 Calendly alternatives to consider in 2023

#1: Sprintful

A simple yet highly effective online scheduling software, Sprintful is an excellent replacement for Calendly. It is affordable and offers various pricing plans, making it attractive to all businesses.

Pros of Sprintful

  1. Affordability is the most significant advantage of Sprintful.
  2. Excellent customization features for online scheduling.
  3. Supports one-on-one and group meetings.

Cons of Sprintful

  1. The platform is not available for mobile devices.

#2: YouCanBookMe

Another top alternative to Calendly, YouCanBookMe, helps its users leverage the tool in over 44 languages. The tool effectively eliminates the back-and-forth between parties to choose the best time to meet with its extensive features.


  1. You can integrate the platform with applications and platforms, such as Zapier, Google Calendar, Stripe, etc.
  2. Start using the software without commitment with a 14-day free trial that users can upgrade to anytime.
  3. You can create and share your booking page with anyone and instantly let them know your availability and schedule meetings.


  1. Lack of availability on mobile platforms.

#3: Acuity

Acuity is your best option if you are looking for a Calendly alternative offering top-notch customer service. With award-winning customer service to support their clients, Acuity can help you meet all your scheduling challenges.


  1. You can quickly add your appointments to your Google calendar and never miss one.
  2. The platform is extremely easy to use, with an intuitive UI that focuses on delivering a seamless user experience.
  3. Integrate with a variety of applications for better schedule management.


  1. A few advanced features are too expensive for small businesses.

#4: Engageware (formerly TimeTrade)

Use the AI capabilities of the platform’s appointment scheduling software to improve the efficiency of meetings and the customer engagement of brands. Get real-time customer insights to create better meetings every time.


  1. It is easy to integrate the platform with another platform, such as Microsoft 360.
  2. The platform has a straightforward and uncluttered UI, making it effortless.
  3. Users can easily pull CSV files from the software to use the data externally.


  1. The customer service could be more timely, which can be challenging when you need assistance with any critical issue.

#5: Doodle

Doodle allows businesses to schedule meetings for any purpose, from recruitment to the board, sales, and non-profit meetings. 


  1. Doodle is perfect for large and small organizations to schedule and manage their meetings.
  2. Exercise better control of your booking calendar by sharing an invite or just your booking page.
  3. Doodle makes it easy to organize your meetings by sharing automatic video conferencing links, invites, etc., and ensuring easier app integrations.


  1. Platform updates make it harder to use the app at times.

#6: Picktime

If you are searching for a Calendly replacement that can do much more than just schedule meetings, Picktime is your best option. This platform helps you with payments, invoicing, reporting, and customer and team management.


  1. Picktime enables businesses to schedule meetings, appointments, classes, and interviews and manage the room with a few clicks.
  2. Using it, you can easily sync across multiple calendars, such as Google, Microsoft 360, Outlook, and iCloud.
  3. Accept bookings throughout the day, 24×7.


  1. The learning curve is steeper as Picktime offers a range of features.

#7 Microsoft Bookings

An online schedule management application from Microsoft, this software helps businesses schedule appointments, customize them, and ensure unique experiences for you and your customers.


  1. It helps organize the schedule and appointments quickly and ensures you are able to stay on time.
  2. The automatic reminders by the application make it easier for businesses and users to keep track of their appointments.
  3. It is vital for distributed teams that work on multiple systems in an organization.


  1. Integrations do not work as flawlessly as needed at times.

#8: Chili Piper

Businesses can quickly schedule meetings with prospects to close them successfully with Chili Piper. Add this to its impressive integration capabilities, and you have robust online meeting scheduling software that scales with your business growth.


  1. The platform enables businesses to schedule and organize sales meetings quickly.
  2. Businesses can use impressive features and integration capabilities according to their specific requirements.
  3. The software’s intuitive UI makes navigating easier for businesses for better schedule management.


  1. Customer service needs to be more timely and supportive.



The best Calendly alternatives discussed above can help you streamline scheduling and appointment management. While considering one of these platforms, compare them against your core requirements, pricing, and other specifications. Further, test the app for a few days before making the final decision. 

Doing so will help you choose a scheduling software solution that works perfectly for your requirements.

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Written by Joshua White

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