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Buying a Luxury Car: is it worth it?

Buying a luxury car is always a hard choice. But if you are doing it for the first time you probably ask yourself can you afford this kind of luxury? We are here to help you to deal with your doubts so you can make the right decision.

It’s all about budget

The first thing we want to make clear: any car will never pay for itself. Buying a car is an expense for the family budget. Therefore, the smaller the expense the less of a burden on the family budget. Car is a family member, consider it as a child. It needs to be clothed, got shoes, being fed, treated, and decorated.

You don’t buy an expensive car to make it pay for itself. A luxury car is bought for completely different reasons.

The first reason is prestige. Secondly, it is comfortable, safe and it has much better characteristics. The cost per kilometer in an expensive car is much higher than in a cab and slightly lower than in a helicopter. So before one of those thinking about how much time you spend on wheels and how much time you spend traveling. Maybe it’s a better option for you to use a rental service or a taxi. The rental Rolls Royce price in Dubai is pretty much the same as traveling around town on a taxi (don’t forget about our car rental tips. Pros you can hardly bring your car on your holidays to another country.

Luxury things and the psychology of the poor

The answer lies on the surface. Our brain can be conditionally divided into two components: animal (instincts and emotions) and rational (mental, analytical activity).

A person whose animal instincts prevail over reason is more prone to the instinct of domination than others. He wants to stand out from the crowd, to be higher, more important, to gain influence and status.

If the mental component of such an individual prevails over his emotions, he would understand that the main function of a telephone is to keep in touch with the right people, a watch is to show the time, and a car is to take a person from point A to point B. Clothes should keep out the cold, and shoes should protect the feet. And the main criterion for these things is reliability.

Moreover, an intelligent person who wants to stand out from the crowd, who wants to dominate or demonstrate his potential to the world, chooses to do this intelligently. He improves himself in the work that he sincerely loves, tries to realize himself in his chosen profession or to get recognition for his creativity. And some devote their lives to helping others, receiving public recognition in return.

We have to learn to see the essence of things so that they work for us and not us for them. Here is a very telling story that the current President of the United States, Donald Trump, described in his book. He, a successful businessman, needed to buy 150 chairs to organize an event. An assistant informed Mr. Trump that he had found suitable pieces of furniture for $1,500 apiece. The businessman could have easily swiped a check for a quarter of a million dollars, but he wouldn’t be a famous financial powerhouse if he didn’t know how to save money!

After canceling the purchase, Trump personally searched for chairs, and in just a couple of hours, he found what he needed. And for the price of $90 apiece! The best part was that none of the dignitaries even noticed the difference!


The joy of buying a luxury car fades as we begin to think that our car is not so cool. There are cooler cars, so it is necessary to strive to have a cooler one. In short, the car is quite an expensive toy. But at the same time, it is also necessary. But the cost of this necessity could be easily reduced by choosing other, more cost-beneficial options. To decide, what is more dear to you – your money or belonging to luxury. I am not speaking about the case when you can afford both. But if you belong to this category, you hardly need any pieces of advice.

Understand a simple thing: It is unwise to spend money on things you can’t afford. It is much better to invest it in your own business, which in the future will help you earn a passive or active income.

So, just try to take this fact and realize it. And you will immediately feel that life becomes much easier. Half of the expenses will disappear by themselves. Think about those people who put themselves in a credit loop and still own an expensive car. Do you think they are happy now? But now they have to pay for their cars and deprive themselves of many other pleasures of life.