Buy Bitcoin: Use PayPal and credit card?

Although it might seem somewhat complicated to invest in Bitcoin initially, things will become simpler once they are broken down into proper information and pieces. For instance, while investment in Bitcoin might require an exchange account or a service, it is advisedto have supplementary secure storage methods. An experienced Bitcoin investor will require a cryptocurrency exchange account, a stable Internet connection, as well as a convenient payment method. Having a personal page apart from your exchange account is also recommended in this case.

Debit cards, credit cards, and bank accounts happen to be convenient payment processes for purchasing Bitcoin. It is likewise feasible to get Bitcoin by means of P2P exchanges and Bitcoin ATMs. Here, we will provide some ideas on how to purchase Bitcoin with PayPal or credit cards.

How to purchase Bitcoin with PayPal

It will be possible to purchase Bitcoin via PYPL (PayPal Holdings, Inc.). Bitcoin can be purchased by people in a couple of ways. The initial process will be to purchase digital currency using your PayPal account whichhas a direct link to the bank account. For example, you can link it with debit card, or some other methods of paying. The next option is buying it using your PayPal account balancefrom someone. However, as compared to the first option, this particular option is not convenient since not many third-party sites will allow users to buy Bitcoin using PayPal.

PayPal will allow you to purchase four cryptocurrencies directly, namely, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash. It will be possible for the residents of virtually all the states except Hawaii to set up new PayPal accounts or make use of the existing ones. You may likewise purchase services and products by means of the “Checkout with Crypto” feature using your cryptocurrencies. 

You require the subsequent information for setting up a crypto account using PayPal: name, date of birth, physical address, as well as a tax identification number.

While purchasing Bitcoin using PayPal, you will not be able to make use of a credit card. The price for the cryptocurrency will be displayed by PayPal while the purchasing is going on. However, the cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile at present, and because of this, the price can change rapidly as well. It will be advisable for you to make certain that you have more than the price budgeted by you for the purchase in the bank account.

While purchasing that currency from PayPal directly, it is going to generate cash off the crypto spread or the difference between the exchange rate of the cryptocurrency with USD and its market price. A transaction fee is also charged by the company for every single purchase. The purchase’s dollar amount will determine these fees in the long run. For instance, they will charge a flat fee of $0.50 for every purchase between $50 and $200. From there on, the fee is a portion of the entire amount. 

There is one particular drawback while purchasing Bitcoin by means of PayPal, which is that it will not be possible to transfer Bitcoin outside the platform of the payment processor. Consequently, it will not be able to transfer the Bitcoin purchased by you to an external crypto wallet from the PayPal wallet.

How to purchase Bitcoin with credit card

Even though it will be feasible to make use of a credit card to purchase Bitcoin on a number of crypto exchanges, certain exchange fees will be involved in the process. Although cryptocurrency exchanges generate revenues with the help of transaction fees, using a credit card can be much more charging.  It might be imperative for you to pay brokerage fees in case you want to make use of a credit card for purchasing Bitcoin.

Furthermore, a foreign transaction fee might be charged by the credit card for every single purchase in case the exchange takes place outside the US.

The policies of the credit card issuer will also determine the ability to purchase crypto by making use of a credit card. For instance, even though American Express does not allow the users to use their cards for purchasing currency, they allow them to purchase cryptocurrency for the short term.

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