In today’s world, we are at a stage where in an organization, employee experience matters more than the experience of the customer. With employees constantly looking for opportunities where they can learn and grow, it is crucial to have a workplace model with an employee experience solution.

So what exactly is employee experience? What a person encounters while working in an organization is employee experience. The epidemic has altered the picture even though customer experience has been the recent focal point. 

Since employees are today regarded as an organization’s greatest asset, investments are being made in the employee experience. For this, every organization needs an employee experience solution.

Several factors need to be included in your workspace to accomplish this. In this article, we will be discussing the most important factors for employee satisfaction.

A Hybrid Workplace

A flexible approach called a hybrid workplace is created to support a distributed workforce that includes both in-office and remote workers. It is sometimes described as a combination of real and virtual workplaces. Employees that work in hybrid environments can do so from any location.

It is a great employee experience solution since it prioritizes the employee’s comfort and helps them manage their work-life balance. In 2022, the 4-day workweek trend is gaining momentum. Fifteen percent of American businesses are already using this technique. 

Of course, implementing a 4-day work week will call for organizational adjustments. This could involve allowing employees to work asynchronously at their speed. 

In other businesses, it is up to the employees to decide when and whether to report to work. In contrast to the pre-pandemic environment, where life was centered around work, the current scenario is about balancing work and personal obligations. Our app helps make this mother with the following features:

  1. Employee Scheduling: You can assign shifts to your staff based on their preferences and the demands of the position. The timetables can also be modified and immediately shared with the staff.
  1. Hot Desking: Give your staff the freedom to sit anywhere they choose in a clean area while adhering to social distance rules when they return to the office by letting them select the seat they want through the app.
  1. Meeting Room Management: View all of the available meeting spaces, those that are booked, those that have been canceled, upcoming schedules, and the amenities that are needed.
  1. Commute Management: Our SaaS-based commute management system includes real-time tracking, automated routing, scheduling, and safety compliance.
  1. Parking Spot Management: Utilize information on the real-time availability of parking spaces, reserved parking, and an interactive virtual parking area map to make the most of your parking space.
  2. Employee Training: Offer personalized compliance training programs and courses for your employees to improve their skills and knowledge, keeping them up to date with the latest industry trends and technologies as well as company goals and laws.

Providing Reskilling Options

Employees today are working to earn money and to learn from their job. They want to enhance their skills by learning new and refining old skills. 

There has been great job instability during the past two years. Employees have been forced to re-skill themselves as a result. According to studies, nearly 89 percent of workers polled would retrain for a new position. 

Employees would prefer it if employers assisted them in reskilling efforts by providing learning resources and guidance. It will be a good employee experience solution if companies take staff retraining seriously.  If they don’t, businesses run the danger of losing their talented workers to rivals who do.

Internal Mobility

If we remain in the same position at our jobs for a long period, we will eventually get bored of doing the same thing again and again like a never-ending cycle. As humans, we strive for change, even every minute. 

According to the Randstad RiseSmart survey, 43.2% of employees prefer to take on new positions inside their organization. Whether you like it or not, you must permit such transitions to cultivate a better employee experience at work. 

However, this is easier said than done, particularly when the perspectives of the employer and the employee diverge. 73.5% of employers and 52.3% of employees agree that there are enough opportunities for internal mobility at work. To deliver a positive employee experience, businesses must work harder to understand employee expectations.

Workplace Health Solutions

Due to the pandemic, people have become very concerned about their health, and the transition from online to offline can be very scary for some since they will be in close contact with other associates. Our app offers an employee experience solution through several features to ensure that the office environment is healthy.

  1. Employee Health Questionnaire: Conduct a simple and effective health screening for your employees before they return to the office. With our basic Health Questionnaire, you can keep track of employees’ vaccination status and willingness to come to the office.
  1. Mask Compliance: You must ensure that all your employees are wearing masks inside the office at all times if you want to stop the virus from spreading there. Our mask compliance tool can bar personnel not in compliance from entering by detecting if they are wearing masks.
  1. Contactless Access Management: Our access management automates the check-in and check-out procedure to lessen the need to touch unfamiliar surfaces. It keeps track of employee information, including their temperature, which is useful for contact tracking.
  1. Contact Tracing: Our system keeps track of every person who enters the office, whether visitors or workers. If someone becomes ill, you can tell everyone on the list who may have come into touch to place themselves under quarantine. With our push notification tool, you may inform the entire office.
  1. Floor Occupancy Level: Maintain a safe working distance for your staff by controlling the workplace occupancy level. You can impose capacity limitations on everything from desks to conference rooms. WorkInSync alerts you if you exceed your capacity to avoid crowding.

To Conclude

The employee experience is vital and always changing. It is possible to design a future workplace where every employee feels like they belong. Giving them a choice is crucial to stay up with the evolving dynamics of the employment experience.

Performing employees have shown increasing productivity and have been termed high performers. But to keep the employees engaged, it is essential that they have growth opportunities. Great managers should strive to improve the employee experience. 

With the WorkInSync employee experience solution, you can help your organization establish a hybrid workplace that takes care of every stages of the employee life cycle in the office. The app provides features that allows team members to collaborate easily. 

To know more about the product and how it can help in the long term, opt for a demo today. 

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