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Today I was looking for fake AIDS on the Dark Net. You know there are a lot of web stores that produce and sell phone driver’s licenses and identification documents. It is difficult to find a reliable supplier in such a big scam. So, I wasted a lot of time stumbling upon a store bogus braxtor that really offers a lot of fake cards. There are various US cards, fake Canadian documents, and Australian and British driver’s licenses. However, I have decided to check whether it is a fake ad with a high store or another real store with fraud.

Honestly, I’ve heard of this fake identity store. So, when I came across it, this shop seemed very familiar. So, the website looks simple. On the homepage, they have an offer which is: Scannable Fake Identities: High-Quality Premium Fake ID. There are a number of ways to describe the difficulties of juvenile life when minors cannot join a party or get drunk. If I were younger, I would probably draw those words. However, I am 25 years old and I just want to help you, people, not to be deceived by fraud in the dark. Site navigation is quite understandable for newbies. There are many tabs like Home, Products, Price, Order Now, and Review. You can first choose a fake ID that you like and add it to the cart but then you have to register to be able to place an order. Registration is important because the store is private and in addition, the seller needs to get their destination address and discuss delivery details.

A range of counterfeit cards includes documents from 40 states in the United States, with approximately 2 to 3 variations in each. Fake Canadian identities are available for Ontario and British Columbia. You can also get fake driver’s licenses in the UK and Northern Ireland, and Australia. By the way, the fake Australian documents that you can buy here include the driver’s license as well as the learner’s Western Australian license which is also considered an identity document. Most of the documents are driver’s licenses. It is best to remember not to use a fake local ID or order a fake card from a neighboring state or country. Because bouncers and local liquor store workers know exactly what their official fake ads look like. They may even find a small detail on your fake card because they took too much time in real-time. When they have doubts about the authenticity, they have to check the documents all the time. Fake prices range from $ 80- $ 120, which is affordable for high quality. The bonus program in this market offers discounts of 30% (over 2 ads), 40% (over 6 ads), and 50% (over 10 ads). So buy fake ads with your friends and colleagues to save money.

Acceptable are Western Union, Visa / MasterCredit / Debit Cards, PayPal System, and Crypto (BTC, ETH) as payment methods. However, I suggest you choose a corrupt method to protect your personal information. This path is anonymous but reliable. If you don’t have cryptocurrency, Google Exchange Platform where you can easily buy some BTC for Box.

The domain of this website was created in July 2010, and the place of registration is in California, USA. This means that the company is American. If you place a fake identification order there, they will send it to you from the United States.

On the website, we only saw positive user feedback. We are not reckless people so we went to other review sites like private forums where our goal was to find real buyer comments about bogus braxtor. Opinions turned out to be contradictory. Some of them liked this web service, they got the order as promised. Others wrote scary things and were not satisfied. He complained about the timeout, which was long, and poor AIDS. A man told us a story that he had placed an order very quickly, but then he was called back and warned that he had a shipping problem. After all, when he was already 21, he got the order! Fake identification was no longer required. We also stumbled upon many other negative opinions.

However, we want to know more about this store. The service may be improving, but it is not over yet. Friends, please leave your personal experience here in the comments. We look forward to hearing from you!

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