Bitcoin IRA: How To Invest In Cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin IRAs.

Many would think that given the volatility of Bitcoin, it may not be the ideal investment to make when you are investing for your retirement. However, there are some financial services out there   now that offer the option of investing in cryptocurrencies through IRAs.You can also visit Money Mash for more information about IRA. 

Bitcoin IRA, which is one of the biggest, and earlier providers of these services claims to have processed hundreds of millions in cryptocurrency for client retirement investments already. 

Bitcoin IRAs are basically just an IRA that includes Bitcoin or other digital currencies within its portfolio. 

As of 2014, the IRS considered both Bitcoin and all other cryptos inside retirement accounts as property, this means that these assets are now taxed much like stocks and bonds are. 

So, IRA holders who are seeing out the possibility of including digital assets in their retirement accounts will probably need the assistance of a custodian. 

It all sounds very complicated and as a drawn out process, however, investing in cryptocurrency needn’t be a complex process, and if you know what you are doing it can be very beneficial for you in your retirement. 

Before we get into the niggling, nitty-gritty details of cryptocurrency investing, we will take a moment to go over the pros and cons of using a Bitcoin IRA. 

What Are The Advantages & Disadvantages Of Bitcoin IRAs?

Many investors often find that it can be tricky to find a custodian which accepts Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in an IRA, however, for those who are committed to doing so, SDIRAs are best and will usually allow for alternative assets. 

Many have designed these to include cryptocurrencies in IRAs, and doing so has become much more popular. 

Bitcoin IRA, and BitIRA are some of the earliest leaders in the field of allowing cryptos into investment for retirement. 

Anyway, let’s get on and check out what is good and bad about investing in cryptocurrency in this way. 


Those who hold bitcoin IRA accounts will usually do so as it helps to add more diversity to retirement portfolios. It can help to further protect retirement accounts in the case of a huge market breakdown, or any turbulence in the future. 

Of course, diversifying an IRA could be done with assets such as gold, however, it is often preferred now to use cryptos instead. 

Many who will use Bitcoin in their IRAs typically believe that their cryptos will grow in popularity and accessibility in the future. This makes it a brilliant investment for possible high potential in future decades. 

It can also be possible to avoid large capital gains taxes by diversifying your retirement accounts through the inclusion of cryptos. That being said, this is not the only fee to be concerned with. 


There is as much against doing so as there is going for it. 

Needless to say that cryptocurrency volatility is an issue for many. It can be a tough sell for many with retirement investments, as you simply never know what it is going to do next. 

The price fluctuations make it unreliable, and while having it in an IRA might make it feel more secure, you cannot control the volatility of cryptos any more than you can control the fluctuations of the stock market. 

That being said, we do know that many optimists will state that Bitcoins value has risen over time since its inception, and yes that it is true. However, volatility is still an issue, especially for those approaching retirement and cannot afford to ride out a downfall in its value.

Some would also say that the hype of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a new form of currency is a bit over-exaggerated. Sure, Bitcoin has gone up in value, however, it has been over a decade since its inception, and it has still not made it anywhere near as far as our traditional currencies. 

El Salvador did pass a law to make Bitcoin legal tender lately, which is a start, but there is no guarantee that the rest of the world will follow suit. 

Let’s not forget the fees either, as trading though an IRA is very different from stock trades, or even from trading at a crypto exchange 

The tax benefits are better, but they also come with challenges, of course there are additional fees, and more risk. As SDIRAs are not bound by broken fiduciary duties, you are responsible for assessing the risks within a crypto market. 

Then the fees can take on many forms, you may pay to set up your account, to keep it maintained. You could set up a $60,000 SDIRA for trading, and it could cost you $6,000 to set it up! And that is without the maintenance fees and otherwise. 

There is a lot to consider, and while it can be a good idea, you have to be on the ball and ready to think through absolutely every decision you make with your cryptos. 

Investing In Cryptos For Retirement. 

When you are looking to invest your cryptocurrency in an IRA, you should first spend your time hunting through different providers. Some of the general favorites are BitIRA and Bitcoin IRA. These are two of the oldest in Bitcoin IRA investing. 

Since they are the oldest, they have developed, and they usually have very good features. BitIRA, for example, is known for excellent security features, to keep your cryptos safe. However, there will be fees for this. 

Shop around and look through the different options you have to set up an account, some may have lower fees, some may have better security. 

However, you should also keep in mind that a majority of Bitcoin IRA’s will have a minimum limit for opening your account. Consider how much you have to invest and this may influence the choices that you make. Some of these limits can be around $50,000 in some cases.

Also consider any additional fees, such as maintenance fees. Some providers may have low, or no maintenance fees, but they may also lack in other areas. 

Shop around before you open any accounts, and also… make sure you understand cryptocurrency and how it works in full before you use it to invest in your retirement.  

What You Need To Know About Cryptos Before You Invest.

Investing in cryptocurrencies and opening SDIRAs to do so is not just a young person’s game, many people who have Bitcoin IRAs are over 45 now, as they save up for retirement. 

So, it is worth having a full understanding of how cryptocurrency works. Some people may have no idea about cryptos but love the idea of using it for retirement accounts. In this case, ensure that you know how it works before you learn about how to use it in retirement investment. 

Cryptocurrencies are volatile, and they will fluctuate in value consistently. While there is potential for them to grow and increase your retirement funds, they also have the potential to fall as well. 

It is also worth noting that when you set up a Bitcoin IRA account, for the most part, you will not need to do much, as many Bitcoin IRAs are managed for you. So, you could theoretically open one of these accounts with little knowledge of how it works. 

Yet, this will be made up for in those additional fees we talked about. You will pay for maintenance and set-up. 

It really depends on how confident you feel about cryptocurrency and if you feel like this is DEFINITELY something you want to include in your retirement portfolio.