Betting terminal software

Betting terminal software

Betting terminals have been long-existed and exciting business solutions for land-based betting operators and favorite gambling mediums for many enthusiasts of virtual games and sports. Although online betting is arguably becoming more and more popular, it is still hard to deny the appeal of betting terminals. MOHIO Gaming – a global leading developer and provider of B2B gaming and betting solutions for bookies, retail shops, and lottery shops – does not ignore this trend. Taking advantage of 25 years of experience and powerful technology background, MOHIO offers land-based gambling operators a betting terminal software that can encapsulate the house’s game and betting options in one convenient single hardware device. Find out about betting terminals and this betting business solution from MOHIO below.

Why is betting terminal software considered the most valuable revenue-generating solution by betting shops?

A betting terminal is an electronic device sited at gambling shops or entertainment venues, which combines a variety of games, typically including roulette and similar games. To function, the physical cabinet must be powered by uniquely designed gambling software that turns it into a self-service or staff-assisted betting machine. While betting terminals are favored by bettors who love virtual games and sports, there are many reasons betting terminal software is the top concern for gambling shop owners.

For players, there is nothing more exciting than being able to access their favorite games and bet any time of the day, regardless of the store’s operating hours. The experience of placing wagers on a betting machine with a wide selection of bet games, along with exciting lights, colors, and sounds, is unique and very different from sitting at home and interacting with a computer. Furthermore, instead of spending time waiting, players can continuously bet and withdraw their winnings themselves or at the 24/7 support cashiers offered in many stores, depending on the software their machines are authorized by.

For retail betting shop owners and gambling operators, betting terminals are cheaper and more accessible options to increase revenue and expand their gambling business.

A wide selection of games and betting integrated into one physical cabinet shortens the distance from online betting, providing a more competitive effect for retail stores in such a competing market.

The versatility of the powerful software for these machines helps retail establishments increase traffic and engagement, including from potential customers, complementing other in-store betting activities, thus increasing revenue significantly.

It is also impossible not to mention that the terminal betting machines installed with innovative and robust software will allow the operator to reduce labor costs and increase operating efficiency significantly.

The reasons mentioned above once again emphasized that the betting terminal business solution depends entirely on the software, its compatibility with the store’s hardware infrastructure, and other supporting platforms, allowing it to appear attractive, operate smoothly, and ensure players’ extensible and enjoyable experiences.

MOHIO – the most trusted developer and provider of comprehensive terminal betting software

MOHIO Gaming first hit the market in 2009. Possessing a team of skilled developers with a total background of 25 years of experience and a deep understanding of trends, MOHIO quickly established its name with many projects of virtual sports and gaming projects and betting business solutions with the most cutting-edge technologies. MOHIO is also known as a trusted partner of many global betting operators, including retail betting shops, lottery shops, gambling establishments, and online casinos, with dedicated and thorough services.

MOHIO’s strength lies not only in its product lines but also in diverse distribution channels that are customized to the specific and unique needs of operators in terms of quality, operating scale, and cost. One of these powerful distribution channels is Terminal – where betting businesses can receive a comprehensive terminal betting platform with the most advanced technology. It ensures players’ elevated gaming and betting experience and is an attractive revenue resource for gambling organizers.

MOHIO betting terminal software’s key highlights

MOHIO’s turnkey solution offers betting operators a unique, comprehensive, and highly profitable platform. Compared with another betting terminal software on the market, the platform MOHIO provides has impressive adaptability and is highly supported with robust tools that can help operators optimize their operational efficiency. Some of the outstanding features of betting terminal software developed by MOHIO are listed below:

Two personalized modes

Instead of developing a product that only supports self-service betting machines, MOHIO offers two customizable modes for transaction processing: standalone mode and cashier mode.

·         Standalone mode:

In this mode, gamblers get a fast and independent experience. They can handle all stages from start to finish by themselves: depositing, placing bets, and withdrawing their winnings right on the machine using automated features. This mode allows punters to access and enjoy their favorite betting games without interruption 24/7.

·         Cashier mode:

Players who prefer a more personalized, real-life interactive experience or receive payouts for large bonuses are introduced to the cashier mode. In this mode, players solely interact with the machine for depositing and placing bets, however, for their winnings, they will be directly assisted by the cashier at the counter.

Extensive collection of virtual games and sports betting

The platform offered by MOHIO gives players access to a vast range of virtual games and traditional sports betting. They can easily participate in popular virtual games like Keno Bet, Poker Bet, Racing Bet, and their exciting variants. Those who love traditional sports betting are also satisfied with a mass selection of sports such as football, horse racing, etc. This means that operators can attract and satisfy many different audiences on one terminal, implying that they can increase or even maximize profits if store space allows.

Intuitive, appealing terminal interface

Regardless of the mode, MOHIO gives players an interface that is not only eye-catching but also very convenient and easy to interact with. The games also have different skins for players to choose their favorite display set of images that suit their preferences.

Easy to install and expandable

MOHIO’s thoughtful developers created software that can be installed easily and is compatible with many peripherals. Small retail betting shops, independent gambling establishments, national lottery companies, or gambling operators of any size and infrastructure conditions can choose this software. It can be connected effortlessly with touchscreens, POSs, printers, scanners, and so on. This gives businesses the flexibility to customize the best fit for their needs and capabilities.

Powerful cashier and management system integrated

MOHIO’s betting terminal platform is integrated with a competent management system that supports operators to run and monitor the activities of betting terminals smoothly and comprehensively. It is also designed with the cashier platform, showing the exact odds, making the calculation in cashier mode fast and error-free, and strictly controlled by operators from anywhere in the world.

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