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Anyone with an eye on the gaming industry can’t help but have seen the rise of casino sites over the last two decades. From the seeds of an idea by companies such as Microgaming back in the late nineties, online casino gaming is now a multi-billion-dollar industry. In fact, according to Statista, this part of the gaming world is worth $66.7 billion and, by 2023, it’s projected to be worth $92.9 billion. That’s not only a meteoric rise from nothing to something, it puts online casino gaming on parr with video games.

With that being the case, and with us being interested in all things techy and geeky, we thought it would be worth building an online casino from the ground up. Even though we can’t go into the nuances of things such as random number generators (RNGs), we can give you a broad overview of what goes into making a top-class casino site.

Safety and Security

The foundations of every licensed and regulated online casino are safety and security. There’s surface-level security in the form of passwords and TouchID/Face ID logins. However, working behind the scenes are SSL encryption protocols, reputable payment processors, and rules that ensure player funds are stored in protected bank accounts.

Games and Randomness

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You can’t build an online casino without adding in a few games. The best sites offer upwards of 500 different titles. Slots typically dominate, but leading brands also offer blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and poker. In fact, thanks to live dealer technology from Playtech and Evolution Gaming, online casino games are becoming more immersive. Over time, the levels of immersion are only going to increase as virtual reality becomes more prevalent.

Regardless of the game, the outcome has to be random. Pseudo-random number generators  use complex algorithms to produce random results within certain parameters. These parameters are based on theoretical return rates. For example, your theoretical win rate in a game of blackjack is around 48%. Therefore, the results will be random within this parameter. Therefore, a casino not only has to be well-stocked but fair. RNGs ensure that’s the case.

Promotions and Features

Added extras are always nice, and the growth of online casino gaming has made promotions a necessity. Indeed, for any operator to rise up and win awards, they need to give players plenty of added value. This can be anything from deposit bonuses and free spins to competitions. However, the fundamental premise will always be the same: players receive X for doing Y.

Support and Responsibility

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All online casinos have to provide help and support. More importantly, they have to offer tools that allow players to bet in a responsible way. Online casino Mr Green has won multiple awards thanks, in part, to its commitment to responsible gambling. As well as a monitoring system that tracks a player’s betting habits to identify potentially harmful trends, support teams review payments. If it looks as though someone is spending more than usual, someone will intervene.

Responsible gaming features have become much more sophisticated and widespread in recent years. That’s a testament to the growth of the industry. As more people tap into the benefits of online casino gaming, there’s a greater need to keep people safe. Therefore, responsible gaming is an indispensable part of this list and something anyone trying to build their own site has to consider.

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