Better Body Fitness with Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers

Getting fit can be expensive, depending on how you achieve your fitness. There are various means to attain fitness. While some of those measures are mild and tolerable, some routines are challenging. 

Thanks to recent discoveries, it is no longer news that hyperbaric chambers can guarantee reliable body fitness. The main goal for staying fit is more than building muscles. It has more to do with ensuring good health. HBOT chambers are the ideal substitute for that unbearable fitness routine you are subjecting yourself to today. This technology affords a simpler alternative to attaining fitness. Read the rest of the article to find out more about HBOT. 

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HBOT Chambers

HBOT, or hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers, are becoming increasingly popular daily. As a result, people are becoming more aware of it across the globe. HBOT chambers are pressurized confinement designed to deliver pure oxygen to the user. The purified oxygen kickstarts the user’s fitness because a consistent supply of pure oxygen creates an environment for cells to thrive. 

An HBOT chamber is a simple technology that makes a tremendous difference in the life of its users. Over the years, HBOT has evolved and gained approval in some places worldwide because of its safety and efficacy. 

Which One is Fit for You?

HBOT chambers are like any other market product. HBOT units are many in the market right now. They also exist in different sizes and models. It is also crucial that you buy an HBOT unit that will meet your needs as desired. 

OxyHelp stocks a wide range of HBOT chambers for different categories of people. Their systems are designed for all age groups. The most suitable product for you will depend on what you hope to achieve with the chamber. Let us consider some of those factors in the section beneath. 


Are you a private person who likes being alone? If that is your preference, you must go for a particular hyperbaric chamber. Buying anything outside that may offer a different kind of experience than you expect. 

Monoplace chambers are designed for that very purpose. OxyHelp monoplace chambers are meant to take one person at a time. Use such chambers and decide how you prefer your therapy. You can feel relaxed inside the unit and breathe pure oxygen. 

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Worried About Small Spaces?

Claustrophobic people have issues with some hyperbaric chambers. For example, some people are not comfortable with small spaces because that scares the hell out of them. Are you one of such people? OxyHelp monoplace hyperbaric chambers are designed with clear acrylic to enable users to keep tabs on their environment. That way, they will feel free to be in a small space. 

Another option is the multiplace hyperbaric chamber. This one can contain more than one person at a time. The presence of others inside the hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber will calm your mind. Finally, doctors can also prescribe medications to help you with such fears whenever you have your session. 

Do You Prefer to Work During Your Sessions?

We all understand how demanding our jobs can be, especially at a time when most people are ditching their regular jobs for the gig economy. Many people work from home today. You also have to consider that when choosing a hyperbaric chamber. 

OxyHelp hyperbaric chambers are designed to be convenient even if you want to work. You can enter the unit with your laptop and smartphone. That will enable you to continue working even as you undertake your therapy sessions. 

Fixed or Movable Chambers

Monoplace and multiplace chambers are, to some extent, movable. But one seems to be more portable than the other. Therefore, you should critically consider portability when buying an HBOT unit. That is important because you need to evaluate where to install the chamber. 

If it is going to be in a high-traffic area, you might have to move the unit often. In that case, an easily assembled and unbundled chamber will be your best bet. Otherwise, going for an HBOT unit that can be installed once and for all will make more sense. 

Hard-Shell or Soft-Shell Chambers?

Many people still need clarification about hard-shell and soft-sided HBOT chambers. HBOT confusion has given rise to questions like – which one is better? And some other related questions. 

Hard-shell chambers have become the standard for hyperbaric oxygen therapy today. They are built to supply a higher percentage of oxygen to the user at higher pressures. On the other hand, soft-sided units have several limitations that make them unfit for personal fitness and well-being. Hard-shell chambers ensure a pressure of about 2 ATM for the user, while soft-shell chambers can only manage 1.3 ATM. 

The question of which is better between hard-shell and soft-shell chambers should not even arise. One was initially developed for mountaineers and divers, whereas the other has evolved into a reliable machine for ensuring wellness.

HBOT Risks

HBOT chambers are generally safe for use, whether it is monoplace or multiplace. Recall that only a few reports have surfaced online over the safety of HBOT. While it has its risks, like any other technology, they do not compare to the ample benefits of using the chamber. 

There is nothing to worry about concerning hyperbaric oxygen chambers. If you glance through the OxyHelp website, you will find all the possible side effects of their products. It is nothing to be alarmed of. 


HBOT technology is developing at a rapid rate. The tech is gaining acceptance around the globe as a reliable therapy. All it takes to get well inside an HBOT unit is to expose yourself to pure oxygen. That is the basis upon which this technology functions. In summary, getting an HBOT unit that serves your goal should be the utmost thing on your mind.