Best Waterproof Seat Covers To Consider

Seat Covers

Whether your riding machine still has that new car smell or whether it has been around the block a few times, you want to protect the interior. As people climb in and out of your car or truck, they track in dirt and snow and ice, spill coffee and soda pop and litter crumbs on the upholstery. You can ask everyone to be careful or you can lay down some random blankets, but if you want real protection waterproof car seat covers are tough to beat. Neoprene seat covers are lightweight, flexible and affordable, and they definitely add more style to your ride than something you make up on your own. For the best covers, consider these top brands:

  • CalTrend
  • Coverking
  • Saddleman
  • Seat Designs
  • Rugged Ridge

Neoprene covers offer the best in dirt, UV and liquid protection. Custom-made covers will fit your vehicle perfectly so there is no shifting or bulging. Made from the same material as wetsuits, a neoprene cover will last and look good for years.

The Benefits of Superior Seat Covers

Quality car seat covers do more than you might think. They help you relax a bit when you see someone enter your car’s domain with a messy snack. They also dress up the interior of your vehicle with solid colors that match your exterior, or with patterns that provide a little extra pizzazz. Custom seat covers always come with a snug fit. You can also buy seat cover kits that provide matching covers for all the rows of seats in your vehicle. Consider the strengths of these materials for the ideal cover:

  • Neoprene or NeoSupreme for superior stain protection
  • Leather for a great look and easy cleaning
  • Canvas for maximum toughness and robust stain resistance

Custom seat covers will provide the best fit, while semi-custom fits your seat type but not the exact contours of the seat. If you are looking to save some money, a universal fit cover works fine in a pinch and it is suitable for many situations.

The Attractive Options for More Interior Protection

While seat covers are a favorite of automobile lovers, floor mats also have numerous fans. That’s because they provide impressive protection for the floors of your vehicle at a great price. The right mats are tough and durable and they even add to the appearance of your interior. All weather floor mats provide the biggest bang for the buck as they handle everything from rain and snow to mud and sand. They also provide protection for the inevitable spills that happen from time to time. Quality floor mats and liners will keep the OE carpeting in the footwell from becoming stained and torn. Best of all, they are easy to clean. Just remove the mats, wash them down and replace. While you are at it, you might want to consider some quality cargo mats and liners to keep your auto’s interior in excellent shape. You never hear anyone complaining they bought too much interior protection for their vehicle. Now is the time to shop for the best equipment to keep your interior in pristine shape.