Best Sports Channels for Live stream in New Zealand

With the ever-growing development in the magnitude of streaming websites in New Zealand, we are observing an upsurge of users who are not happy with their broadband provider as they increase the prices and receive a dreadful surprise in their bill monthly from their provider.

The users build up frustration when they know their broadband isn’t sufficiently speedy to stream TV shows, stream live games, or stream motion pictures without buffering and an uneven, broken stream.

Still, there are various options through which you can live stream without any hurdles and difficulty. For instance, streaming live sports on demand within your budget can be challenging because not every streaming service provides budget-friendly subscription plans. Still, you have stumbled upon the right article because we got you covered. 

Before we go more into depth, a TV guide for Kiwi sports fans is a significant necessity to ponder over and check out the time schedules, sports channel listings, and many more things. Looking through a TV guide is very important because it retains your excitement and makes you aware of which different sports games are expected and at what times.

However, you’ll come across several websites not available in New Zealand that are geo-restricted. Their content is restricted to access for people residing in NZ because they can track your location through your IP address. 

But these obstacles won’t stop you because we have outlined every detail and channel that will enable you to enjoy live sports streaming in New Zealand.

Spark Sport

Spark Sport is an outstanding live sports streaming choice accessible at $24.99/month. Fortunately, it offers a fantastic 7-day free trial component that comprehensively allows you to avail of its unrevealed advantages. 

You can watch numerous games such as Cricket, Football, Basketball, Motorsports, Cycling, Golf, Hockey, etc. Moreover, spark Sport is viable with different devices like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Smart TVs, Google Chromecast, Apple TV, etc.

Kayo Sport

Kayo Sports is one of the live and video-on-demand streaming services that enables you to access your favorite sports content on various kinds of devices. 

However, it is only available to Australian viewers as its website is geo-restricted. Still, there’s a strong possibility of streaming content by obtaining a VPN granting an Australian IP address. 

Subsequently, without any hurdle, you can unblock Kayo Sports in New Zealand in a split second. Thus, you can consider buying a subscription plan by ExpressVPN, available at $6.67/month.

Kayo Sports is compatible with numerous devices like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Apple TV, Smart TVs, etc.

Sky Sport Now

Sky Sport Now gives you the ability to access 12 Sky Sport and ESPN channels, and the significant part is that you won’t need SkyBox for it. Instead, you need a stable internet connection and a device, and you’re good to go. 

Sky’s lets you access live games and highlights, replays, pre-match conversations, and post-match analysis. In addition, you can watch your favorite players in the documentaries available on the platform.

It consists of a 7-day free trial, so if you’re hunting for live streaming for just one game, you can access it for absolutely free. Furthermore, if you’re looking to extend your plan of watching several sports games, you’ll need to buy a subscription plan which costs $19.99 weekly and $39.99 monthly.

ABC iView

As a broadly well-known streaming website in the Australian on-demand streaming service market, ABC iView would be an outstanding choice for Australians possessing different needs for sports content. 

Fully furbish yourself with various genres ABC iView offers, such as comedy, education, news, sports, and drama. The ABC iView is known for multiple top-notch contents, making this streaming website an outstanding choice with side by side grabbing a massive amount of audiences. 

Domestic as well as Foreign content is accessible through iView. However, you will need to have a VPN that contains an Australian server to access the content it offers. Also check out what Sydney TV guide has to offer its audience


You can easily watch ESPN sports content on-demand without obstacles such as NBA, NFL, NRL, and Football matches. It won’t be a problem to access sports content through iOS and android ESPN applications. 

You can select whichever suits you best. Considering the possibility that you’re not joining one of their confirmed suppliers, you can watch some ESPN content through clips on, giving viewers a glimpse of different sports content. Using a VPN with a US server will let you access all the content available.


FuboTV offers sports channels and emphasizes well-known leagues like the NFL, NBA, worldwide soccer, etc. It is a US-based website, with most content offered to those residing in the states and Canada. However, it differs across diverse areas.

Their standard monthly subscription plan costs $54.99, which is relatively expensive, but it provides you with exclusive content that you desire and prefer. 

In addition, FuboTV gives its customers the benefit of a 7-day free trial to try out the content present there. You can access Fubo in NZ without a VPN, but to get the complete inventory which is just accessible in the USA, you’ll need a US VPN server.

Wrap up

As we have enlightened you about the best channels for live streaming sports in New Zealand, you have various options to choose from that will satisfy your sports urges. You have undoubtedly fallen on the right article because it will cater to all your favorite sports needs in detail.