Best Online Activities Geeks Will Love

It’s a well-known fact that online activities are a geek’s best friend, but the one problem with this is the huge number of choices you might have, and this might make it difficult to choose. Whether it is gaming online, finding something unusual and nostalgic to do, or even looking into your favorite fandoms that might be very important to you, it can be a great way to spend your time. 

#1 Try some online games 

If you want something that will sate your seemingly unbreakable boredom, online games might be perfect for you. Whether this is playing with your friends from work or relaxing by yourself, there are a lot of different ways that online gaming can be the perfect pastime for you.

This can make a boring Saturday fun; it can help you fight any loneliness you might be feeling, and it can give you the inspiration that you need to make the most of your time and keep your brain sharp. As you would expect, you are spoilt for choice on how you can play games online. Whether it is alone on your couch at home, on your commute on the bus to and from work, or even in the break room, there are a wide variety of the kinds of games that you can play. Casino games are great as they offer a lot of variety. You can choose from table games to slot games and online card games – there is something that everyone will love when it comes to playing online casino games. 

For example, if you want something quick and convenient, something that you can play on your phone regardless of the amount of time you have to hand, that will keep you focused and take you out of the world for a moment you might want to consider looking into a large number of options available at to find a game appropriate for your needs, and to give you a bit of fun in an otherwise boring day, whether you have five minutes or hours to spare. 

#2 Fandom forums 

If you have an obsession with a specific fandom, you might want to look into some online forums. This is a great place to connect with and enjoy other fans of the subject and the universe. You can look into fan theories, enjoy trailers and discussions, as well as look at topical boards about what has happened and other bits of information.

For example, if you enjoy all the aspects of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) and its huge number of characters and anti-heroes, you will have the opportunity to engage in lots of discussions about many of the different characters and their transition from comic books to highly popular films. You can learn about creators, writers, actors and even look into the history of the characters themselves to help you grasp a better understanding of what is new.

This can be incredibly useful for anyone who is newer to the fandoms and can also help the numerous experts on the subject feel a lot more at home and can help them learn everything new that is happening and come up with new and innovative theories and speculations of their own.

#3 Looking into unusual online activities

As well as the games and online fandoms mentioned above, looking into unusual online activities can also be very important to keeping a geeks brain ticking over nicely. You need to think about all of those little niche topics that will be the topic of conversation with all of your friends and will help you all to become closer. This can be something that is fun, something that is educational, or something that might be just outright dumb.

This might be watching your favorite Disney movies in a different language just for fun, doing something more ‘out there’ like a virtual escape room for a bit of thrill with your friends, or it might be something a little more nostalgic, like playing an online game like the little google arts or widget games that you used to play in the back of the class when you thought no one was looking, or even more social games like investigating into what happened to influential games or actors which seemed to just drop off the map.

This can be something that every geek loves and can help bring up good memories. You could even get some of your favorite poems or writing passages, or even lyrics of a song, and put them through several layers of google translate before putting them back into English for a quick but memorable laugh.

Unusual online activities are a geek’s best friend when you are bored on an evening in and can make the internet that much more interesting and full of potential.