Great entertainment comes with some technological hitches and demands, such as high subscription fees and geographical restrictions.  Big streaming services such as Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon prime video require users to pay a subscription to access particular content based on the user’s region. This limits one from freely accessing favorite movies, TV shows, music, and many online streams.  To surpass the limitations, technical developers have designed applications that offer various contents at zero subscription. 

Kodi is an excellent innovation that is compatible with different operating systems. It offers easy to install on user’s gadgets for better streaming. However, watch your favorite content. You need to enhance the app with Kodi addons. Addons are special streaming apps that help users access different streams such as movies, music, TV shows on Kodi. There are contains in a repository from which the user installs on the Kodi version.  Addons offer the media which on retrieves from Kodi. This means Kodi is an empty shell that needs to be filled with addons for better functionality.

Kodi builds

Though addons add value to Kodi, they only come with one item or content. The user must install several addons to have a variety of content on the Kodi app.  To ease the hassle, developers have Kodi builds. This streaming pouch contains all your favorite Kodi addons, skins, settings, and all programs in one place. It helps avoid installing different addons on your device. The user can select a few Kodi builds and enjoy thousands of online streams from documentaries, Kid’s channels, music, movies, TV shows. All these in one Kodi build, build will also enhance your Kodi interface. It gives good skin and simple features to operate your Kodi app. To get the whole package, the user needs to select the best Kodi builds and install them in their Kodi app.

Best Kodi builds 2021

  1. No limits magic build

The No limits magic Build is a popular build among many streams. It has great capabilities and offers a wide range of online content. However, it’s limited to Kodi 18 Leia only, but you can enjoy thousands of contents.  The No limits magic build uses the Aeon Nox 5 Silvo skin that brightens the Kodi interface.  The builds developers constantly update the features and addons to keep the user entertained. 

The user can access addons such as Yoda, copy & paste, pulse fitness, sports Devil, The magic dragon, cCloud TV, and more.  The content is from different parts of the world. Ensure to invest in a good VPN service for safety.

  1. Titanium Build 

For the best movies, TV shows, kid’s channels. Live sports, YouTube, music from great parts of the world such as the UK and USA. The Titanium build is the best Kodi build to go for. The build contains various addons like Deathstar, Yoda, Gaia, Sports Devil, and more.  The features are simple to use for everyone. There are always new features from the developers. The Titanium Build is diversified, accommodating all languages.

  1. Slamious

 The Slamious build is compatible with many devices despite the specs.  The build is not quite big as the first two but it’s perfect for online streams. The user can access a variety of video addons. The features are easy to operate with all options categorize in simple order.

  1. Misfit Mods Lite 

The Misfit Mods Lite Kodi build works best with Kodi 18 Leia and Kodi 19 Matrix.  Online streams love the build from free update music, movies, sports, live content, and TV series.  The Misfit Mode Lite user interface is organized and excellent for any user. You can access different addons such as Sports Devil, Deathstar, The Magic Dragon, and more. All the contents are drawn from different parts of the world and are constantly updated.

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