Best Gaming Keyboard and Keypads Buying Guide

So, you think you have everything ready and set for the ultimate gaming experience. You have the best gaming chairs in front of your PC, 4K shiny monitors, and a GPU running on 4K ultra mode.

However, you still can’t take a clean headshot in Apex, and Call of Duty is not your forte either. Then there must be one crucial component you forgot to update: a keyboard or your keypad.

If you want to take your gaming experience to the next level and game for long periods without losing out on performance, then you should get yourself a good keypad, something that Razer caters for to the full extent.

Why you need a good gaming keyboard

Most casual gamers use RGB mechanical keyboards. And before buying it, you might think that a gaming keypad is not a necessity. But, what if you could eliminate the risk of bashing the wrong key at a crucial moment in the game altogether?

Once you are used to a good gaming keyboard, you will wonder how you were playing before.

A gaming keyboard, usually a small auxiliary keyboard designed with a limited number of keys arranged ergonomically, is meant to help you execute moves in quick and efficient presses.

And considering most gamers do not think of using a keypad, you can use it to your advantage to dominate those close-range punches in battles with more precision and effectiveness.

What makes for good keyboards and keypads

Gaming keyboards and keypads are quickly becoming popular and for a good reason. However, there are some crucial features to look out for when buying a gaming keyboard and some to avoid.

Some of these features include:

Type of keys used- the keys on a gaming keyboard or keypad can either be mechanical, rubber dome, or membranous. Mechanical keys tend to be susceptible to spillages, while rubber dome and membrane keyboards offer spill resistance. Also, it is easier to execute presses with a rubber/membrane keyboard than its mechanical counterpart.

Materials used for the mounting- gaming keyboards and keypads use metal, plastic, and PCB materials to construct the mounting board. The type of material affects the durability of the keyboard. A good gaming keyboard has a plastic backplate and a separation layer between the key and the PCB.

Backlighting- Proper gaming keyboards and keypads have backlights that help you adapt to low-light dark environments. Also, the backlight builds into your personality as you play. You can either have RGB or a one-color backlight. RGB backlights tend to increase the cost of the keyboard.

Anti-ghosting features- this, in addition to N-key rollover technology, allows you to execute multiple keypresses and have your keyboard register all keys made.

Among the best gaming keyboards and keypads in the market, the multi-award-winning RazerTM mechanical keyboards and membrane keypads take the spotlight for being the best in the industry. You can choose between BlackWidow, Huntsman, Cynosa, Ornata, Turret, Pro-type and Tartarus gaming keyboards and keypads from their collection.

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