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Want to specialize in the best eSports out there? Here are five categories to grab your interest

Are you thinking hard to begin a career in eSports? Well! Thinking is not enough. But, do you know what other subjects are not sufficient? Reading endlessly about it. When you start to grasp high-end interest in eSport, one thing that you will think about is money. How much do players earn? A simple answer is – a lot! However, to earn this much, top eSports players in the world have constructed a hardcore wall of practice.

Hence, someday if you want to earn respect as a top-notch eSport player and world championship winner, you must “practice.” But, more often, eSports amateurs spend their time switching between different types of eSports. But, the recipe to success in this industry is “specialization.” Here are the top five categories of eSports games, among which you can pick one to specialize in and succeed ahead. Here we go:

#1: Fighting or Endless Combat Games

As a newbie in gaming, you may think, what’s the difference? Each game in eSport is a fighting game. However, if you think that, you are wrong in so many eSport languages. Fighting or face-to-face combat games such as Mario Smash Bros and Street Fighter come with one goal only – fighting and winning. You don’t need to build any mindful strategy to defeat your enemy but only a lot of practice on how to attack and kill!

If you pick this category, you can easily enter eSport tournaments of micro-level. The reason is fighting games are mostly single-mode-person games. In comparison, eSports tournaments and championships take place in teams. Those who enter “solo” face obvious disadvantages. Or, start a youtube channel as an amateur eSporter. But, in the event that you want to grow at a higher level, you can look to accomplish the second category of games.

#2: Multiplayer Online Game (Battle Arena)

For the most part, this is one of the most famous categories of games in eSports. It is also shortly called MOBA. Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games akin to Paladins, Dota 2 and League of Legends are acknowledged for their hardcore game interface, which put two teams (five members each) against each other on a battlefield. The amazing part is that MOBA games demand team collaboration, the use of strategies, and control characters in the game. Apart from that, these games are quite unpredictable, so you never face boredom.

#3: Collectible Card Games (CCG)

In 2020, Collectible Card Games, including Hearthstone and World of Warcraft CCG, had become quite a crucial part of eSports. To the reader’s surprise, Collectible Card Games are brilliantly complex. Unlike fighting or Battle Arena games, CCGs are all about how intelligently you defeat your opponent. It is definitely a no “nerd” game because from time to time in CCGs. Fighting pits are there where players have to give each other a good fight. Some of the most famous CCG you can try out are our Legends of Runeterra and Magic: The Gathering Arena. You can also play them for free online.

#4: First-person shooter games or FPS

Unlike all the three categories of eSports mentioned above, First-Person Shooter Games have a complete set of fans out there. Do you know? The top first-person shooter game, Counter-Strike Offensive Global, has 25 million active players. Apart from that, Overwatch, PUBG, and Call of Duty are some top-notch games. If you search for them on youtube, you will see many live streaming videos online. As the term “first-person shooter,” in these games, players play in solo mode from their perspective. Henceforth, the diversity in the game is quite complimentary.

#5: Games that demand real-time strategy

Last but not least, Real-time strategy eSports are most interesting. From searching maps to building armies and connecting with characters in the game, such games have so much to deliver. For example, Age of Empires. For those who love to obtain a vintage touch to their eSports experience, real-time strategy games are best, to begin with. However, to enter in eSport tournaments, you must have years of practice in your secret strategy to win the game before you play in front of the entire world. Smite, Warcraft, StarCraft, and Clash of Clans are some best to watch out for.

Want to begin a career in eSports? Get on board and start practicing today. Find a game that delivers you a rush like never before. Click here for eSport Games statistics. Good luck!