Best Bling for Men to Wear On a Night Out

For a night out, it’s important to be judicious about which pieces of bling to wear that will fit the occasion.  Whether it’s a hot date, sporting event, going to a movie or attending a formal dinner, knowing what to wear and when will be crucial.

Dress for the Occasion

First, where are you going?  If it’s a formal dinner, you want to wear something fancy.  But if you’re hanging out with the guys, then something understated will be more ideal.

Determine where you’re going and how much attention you want to attract.  If you wear a big diamond pendant to rock show, you might look a little silly.  Likewise, if you wear spiky leather cuffs to a wedding reception, it may not attract the kind of attention you’d like.

Jewelry Type

Then, when you decipher the type of occasion, consider the kind of jewelry to wear.  For instance, earrings and bulky necklaces may not be a good idea if you plan on body surfing at a metal show.  But a nice, solid bracelet will be perfect for a date with a simple dinner and movie.


Pinky, thumb and wedding bands make for a beautiful addition at almost any night out.  So long as you won’t be doing any athletics or working with your hands, it’s a subtle and classy way to be fashionable.


If you have a pierced ear, a diamond or gold stud is great for most occasions that require you to wear a suit and tie.  But, if you’re watching your favorite team or going to have a few drinks, a simple and small hoop will do very nicely.


There are a myriad of necklaces out there.  A Cuban link chain, solid cuff, rope chain, Franco chain, Figaro chain or Round Box chain are just a few.  But, you want to be careful when selecting which ones to wear, when to wear it and what thickness to sport.

For instance, at a hip hop show, a thicker chain will provide the perfect bling.  But, for your grandparent’s wedding anniversary, something thinner will be better.


If you plan on wearing a necklace, a diamond pendant or piece of engraved metal will be great at a dinner or wedding.  So, if it’s a fat pendant, save it for the hip hop show.  But, if it’s dainty but not too elegant, wear it on your next hot date.

Wrist Ornamentation

Bracelets and watches are two jewelry items that can accessorize any outfit for any occasion.  But, you want to save the gem-encrusted stuff for fancier, more upscale events.  A Cuban link chain or leather band is perfect for music concerts, weddings, formal dinners or sports games.

Accessorizing Your Style

The most important thing is to be yourself and allow the jewelry to reflect who you are.  Necklaces, bracelets, rings, watches and earrings can be perfect but they can also be a disaster if not chosen well.