Best Apps to Learn a New Skill in 2021

The mobile app market is ever-evolving and spans across a wide variety of genres, from gaming and entertainment apps to lifestyle, education, and finance. Today there is an app for almost everything. Many people have started using apps to learn new skills or to enhance existing ones, whether for career purposes or to pursue a new hobby. Mobile applications offer the opportunity for anyone with a smartphone to learn almost anything, from anywhere! In this article, we will look at a few of the latest apps for learning a new skill in 2021. Due to the dynamic nature of learning, these apps span across different categories including education, gaming, and entertainment. Would you like to learn a new skill this year or start a new hobby? Read on for inspiration.  

Learn a New Language

It is estimated that almost half of the world’s population now speak a second language, and around 13 percent are multi-lingual. The benefits of language learning are huge, with it being good for cognitive ability, memory, creative thinking and increasing cultural awareness. With the ever-increasing global nature of society, there has never been a better time to take up a new language. So which apps can help with this venture? Duolingo and Babbel are the two top shots when it comes to language learning. Duolingo offers a great synergy between gaming and learning, with bite-size skills that feel like games and tons of beginner vocabulary. It is a good choice for beginners and available completely for free. Babbel offers more dynamic options with conversation practice and cultural lessons, great for those looking to master a language. A game-focused language app is MindSnacks, providing a myriad of games and puzzles resembling a children’s book, which you have to solve based on language skills.

Improve your Poker Skills

Within the entertainment business, the online betting and casino industry is embracing the mobile app market. A variety of gaming companies have designed creative poker-training apps to help customers improve their poker skills or learn to use betting platforms. Some good examples include Appeak Poker, 888 Poker, and PokerStars, all designed and used by professionals, as well as having free-play options. Appeak Poker offers a user-friendly, simple interface and a Play Now option, making it quick and easy to get straight into the game. 888 Poker could be a good choice for beginners, offering free ‘play-money’ games, where you can practice with virtual poker chips before playing with real money. PokerStars is a top-rated, professional app that is great for mastering skills and offers lots of game variety. In collaboration with the app market, trusted betting platforms like Oddschecker offer attractive free bet and sign up offers, making it easier than ever to attend the casino from the comfort of your home.

Learn to Draw

For all the creatives out there, we have picked out some innovative drawing apps to get your artistic flow going. The How to Draw app is a solid option for beginners looking to take up a new hobby. It offers simple, step by step guides for drawing objects in a logical way, which you can do directly on the app or using a pencil and paper. You will be drawing anything from cartoon characters to wildlife in no time. A more advanced option is the renowned Sketchbook – Draw and Paint, great for more detailed drawings, with a wide choice of brushes and impressive zoom options for adding details. This app comes with over 10 million downloads, so there is plenty to inspire you. Dotpict is a pixel-based drawing app which is fun and simple to use. You have a pen that you use to fill in all the pixels with colours of your choice, great for creating vibrant doodles on the move.  

Learn Magic Tricks

With the popularity of certain TV magicians like Derren Brown, magic as a hobby has seen a resurgence in recent years. Magic is typically a hands-on craft learnt through traditional methods, but it is making an appearance in the mobile app market. For the aspiring magician, you may like to check out 52Kards to learn traditional card tricks. It is a great place to start and has a variety of card handling tutorials and videos, which are professionally executed and simple to follow. Magic Triks by Mikael Montier offers another intriguing selection of card tricks, which incorporate the phone into the act. Lastly, Learn Magic Tricks is a great umbrella app offering thousands of videos about all types of magic tricks, from street magic to group magic. This app will have you impressing your friends and family in no time!

If you want to learn a new talent in 2021, the mobile app industry offers thousands of opportunities to suit every taste. In this article we have scratched the surface with a few interesting options, but hopefully it has given you some inspiration for your next hobby or creative venture.

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Written by Joshua White

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