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Best 5 educational TikTok accounts

By Bertha Graham

TikTok has been around for several years, and the number of users of this network grows by the day. Multimedia, fast editing, creativity, and numerous filters and effects have contributed to Instagram and Facebook going into the background.

The short videos on TikTok have enabled many to become very popular, watched, and followed by millions of users. In addition, many songs, movies, and series have been brought back to life or celebrated through TikTok. Intended and used primarily for entertainment, TikTok quickly became one among young people. However, just as users publish entertaining, offensive, or harmful content, education is also stepping on the big scene.


The maths teacher from London, Miss Chang, stuns the community with a unique way of solving maths problems. Effective maths hacks are her specialty and often feature her quick lessons and tutorials. Students will learn how to multiply fast, for example. Another clip with more than 1.100.000 views is about the whole multiplication table. Miss Chang will draw a 3×3 table labelling each box with numbers 1 to 11. Interestingly, she excludes the numbers 4 and 8 but adds a second number from 1 – 9 in each box starting from your left-hand corner.

If you want to see the Japanese style of multiplication, this is the right place. We didn’t even know such a thing existed, but Miss Chang showed the audience an extra about parallel lines and dots at their intersections. We won’t tell you more about three quadrants and a group of beads, so head to mathswithmisschang and find it out.


With more than 2.67 million YouTube subscribers, science and stories about planet Earth are now available in a TikTok account. We talk about a professionally managed account where @minuteearth means a team of science-savvy enthusiasts and a pro musician. Neptune Studios LLC produces the channel and features stories by Henry Reich, Ever Salazar, Kate Yoshida, Sarah Bergman, and Melissa Hayes, to name a few.

After watching a couple of videos, it’s hard to say what’s more interesting – things they taught us or the team itself. For example, Alex is a content creator mastermind behind the project also managing all communication channels related to this account. Arcadi will tell you more about the Spanish language while putting a pop-culture Easter Egg into MinuteEarth’s latest illustrations. A trained physicist, Henry promotes Parseltongue so that Harry Potter fans will additionally enjoy it. Finally, Sarah displays all her knowledge about nature gathered from somewhere deep in the American Northeast woods.


The Medicine Explained TikTok account has a strong presence on other networks too. Their goal is to decentralise medical information and make them understandable to the broadest assemblage. What’s even more interesting is a chance for each subscriber to request a topic, which increases the reach level and brings more followers to this interesting channel’s posts.

Of course, @medicineexplained is not trying to diagnose or treat any issue but only to provide more details about the human body and improve your overall knowledge. Watching this channel will help you understand the functions inside us and maybe inspire you to create own educational resource to deal with equally important topics.


Kathryn Hodge, aka @blondiebytes, makes programming tutorials, so if you’re learning more about blockchain, Python, or Java, this is the right place. Kathryn is not a school teacher, but her videos come with more than valuable tips that every programmer-wannabe would like to know. Miss Hodge is a software developer, so you won’t get a better tutor to teach you how to code. 

Her experience in the field is another strong point of this account. Before getting her Ms degree from prestigious Vassar College, she was a teaching assistant. So with over a half-decade of experience, Kathryn is proud of her 30 Days of Code tutorial series and a giant Java Springboot monolith. Enough tech words; students, see her channel for a programmer toolbox podcast.


The New York Times bestselling author, TV presenter, and mechanical engineer, Bill “Science Guy” Nye is a TikTok star for a long time. As the witty author says, “thinking like a nerd is a key to changing yourself and the world around,” so if you can think of a better call to visit @billnye, we will gladly hear it.

The Big Bang Theory fans will be glad to hear that the iconic character who made a Professor Proton-lookalike show now pods his cast. Facts and figures are making the basis of his channel. You can also get more details about other products that Bill Nye is about to launch via other products, including newspapers, books, and more.


Although Tik Tok is still the most represented content that is entertaining, it is slowly becoming a place for educational content, training, and information. Of course, such content and creators are in the minority, but there are some. Due to the very nature of this platform, which is subject to easy video downloading, sharing, and hidden identity, special attention relates to content if you decide to be part of the TikTok community. Then, with a bit of creativity, this app can become a great place to promote knowledge through a format close to knowledge-hungry users. Chemistry, history, languages – the sky is the only limit for a new tutor who wants to share and have fun at the same time.

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Students and teachers looking for facts can trust Bertha Graham to cast new light in her articles. With years of experience in social media management, she also writes at Bertha expresses her expertise in prominent journals and publications, where you can find her latest advice and resources about TikTok, Facebook, and other contemporary means of communication.

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