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Benefits Of Purchasing From An Authorized Dyson Retailer In Singapore

People in Singapore are using a wide range of home appliances like vacuum cleaners, hair dryers and fans regularly. While some families with a limited budget will purchase the best product available at a low price, many families would like to purchase the best product available in terms of specifications and quality. They are aware that the best designed product can help them save both time and money. Dyson is one of the top rated brands in Singapore for the products which it is selling. Hence many families who are interested in purchasing a Dyson product would like to find a reliable authorized Dyson retailer in Singapore. There are many benefits in purchasing products from an authorized retailer which are discussed below.

Genuine products

One of the main advantages of purchasing the appliances from the authorized retailer is that the customer is assured of quality genuine Dyson products. Compared to other consumer product brands, Dyson products are more expensive so customers paying the premium price would like to be sure that they are getting the original appliance with warranty. The authorized retailer usually has a contract with Dyson or its authorized distributors regarding the products which it is selling, they are usually directly shipped from Dyson factories without any tampering or changes.

Trained staff

Another reason why many people prefer to purchase from the authorized retailer is that the staff is well trained and can answer all their queries regarding the product. Since Dyson invests a large amount of money in research and development, many of its products like vacuum cleaners have features which are not found in products of other brands. So many customers purchasing the product may find it difficult to use these hitech home appliances. The experienced staff at the authorized retailer often undergoes training before a new product is launched, so they can explain all the features to the customer properly, giving a demonstration of the product if required.

After sales service

Customers who purchase a hitech Dyson appliance may require customer support after they have purchased the appliance for multiple reasons. In some cases, they may not be able to use a particular feature even after consulting the user manual supplied, so they may visit the retailer to get assistance in using the appliance properly. In other cases, there may be a problem or defect in the appliance, due to which it is malfunctioning. Since a warranty is offered on all Dyson products, it is easier to get customer support if the product is purchased from the authorized retailer.


Dyson has authorized retailers with offline as well as online stores. Due to expenses involved, like high rentals, staff, there are only a limited number of offline retailers authorized to sell Dyson products. So while customers residing or working in the vicinity of these authorized retailers can conveniently visit the stores, other individuals and families may not have the time to visit the store. In these cases, it is advisable to purchase the product online from an online store, sourcing the product from an authorized retailer or reseller.