Benefits of professional cleaning after renovation

Renovation is often compared to a natural disaster because of its consequences. There is a lot of dust and debris, traces of glue, paint, and putty. It is difficult, long and ineffective to remove all this on your own. Turning to professionals solves this problem, providing many benefits.

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No dust and dirt

Those who have at least once cleaned themselves after repair know that there is no perfect cleanliness the first time. Dust eats into all surfaces, gets into joints and seams. Particularly difficult are hard-to-reach places – radiators, pipes, spaces behind furniture, lamps, radiator grilles and ventilation.

Professional cleaning after renovation ensures reliable results the first time. Cleaning service employees are required to undergo training and certification. They can cope with a task of any complexity and leave behind only cleanliness.


Cleaning services save the customer time, effort and nerves. No need to be distracted by cleaning from rest, work, business.

Although cleaning is a paid service, it also saves money. The more varied the contaminated surfaces, the more noticeable this factor. Cleaning is carried out by different means – separate compounds are needed for plastic, metal, wood, leather, velor and other materials. Professionals have a complete arsenal of products and techniques that they need.

To clean hard-to-reach surfaces, special brushes and other tools, ladders are required. Some operations can only be handled by a few people. Cleaning ordering allows you not to worry about these problems – everything will be done at the highest level.

Turnkey cleaning

When contacting professionals, the participation of the customer is minimal:

1. Show the premises, discuss the scope of work to calculate the cost of services.

2. Sign a contract.

3. Accept the finished work.

The specialists will take care of the rest. They will clean the necessary surfaces – floors, walls, ceilings, furniture and appliances, and cope with hard-to-reach areas. In this case, all things will remain strictly in their places.

Fast results

Self-cleaning after repair takes a lot of time. Professionals will cope with the task many times faster. The number of the brigade is selected depending on the urgency of the order, the area of ​​the premises, the amount of work, the level of pollution. “Cleaning-Service” can serve up to 500-1000 m² per day.

Individual approach

Professional cleaning after renovation involves a set of standard works and additional services. At the request of the customer, cleaning can include washing the facade, windows, including non-standard ones, and chandeliers. Specialists will dry-clean, polish the furniture. You can choose one service or combine several – you only need to pay for the work performed.

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Written by Kesara Bandaragoda

GAG Staff

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