Benefits of Office 365 Email Encryption Setup in Your Operation

Office 365 email encryption, commonly known by the acronym, OME, has provided a major boost to email encryption. The new update augments the email security while easing the burden on recipients by triggering an automatic decryption of message for other Office 365 users with proper authentication. In stark contrast to the previous OME versions, the new feature will allow a unified user experience by enabling people to send emails within an organization and to recipients outside the boundary of Office 365. Enterprises are now focusing on an efficient office 365 email encryption setup to make the most of this robust update.

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Here’s a look at the benefits that an enterprise can expect following an Office 365 email encryption setup:

Enhanced Data Privacy

Office email encryption set must include the Azure Rights Management (RMS), a protection technology used by Azure Information Protection (AIP) that is critical for the privacy features of the new email encryption to function. AIP enables classification and protection of emails by labelling which can be automatically applied by administrators. Labels can be configured by administrators by applying rules that identify sensitive data.

For instance, when users try to save sensitive data such as credit card information in a Word document, they will be flashed with a custom tooltip recommending an appropriate label to protect the information. Recipients within the organization can read the encrypted messages in any Outlook version such as Outlook for PC, Mac, Outlook on the web, Outlook for iOS and Android. Users receiving encrypted messages on other email clients can access the messages in the OME portal.

Added Security

After the Office 365 email encryption setup, emails are herded to a safer recipient list which means that the chance is less of emails getting blocked or dumped in the spam folder. This adds to the layer of security which aids in a consistent and effective communication with business partners.

Better compliance

The new Office 365 email encryption feature fulfils clients’ requirement of adhering to all the standard security protocols. The standard Office 365 tool was unable to meet this requirement to its entirety. For small businesses, in particular, chances were they would have to undergo a strict scrutiny prior to entering into business relationships with companies. This impeded their goal of rapidly expanding their business. The new email protocols set forth following an Office 365 email encryption setup, can keep the information and other sensitive data safe, thereby improving security compliance of enterprises of all sizes.


Communication is key to a seamless partnership between enterprises as well as the smooth functioning of multiple departments. The Office 365 email encryption setup will add that extra layer of caution while communicating sensitive information through emails and prevent it from falling into the snares of malwares or an unintended user.

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