Benefits of an animated video

An animated video is a fairly universal format for most companies that want to advertise their products or services. Staged videos are not affordable for everyone. Reportage is not always possible – sometimes a business has nothing to show, except for a small office. In this case, you should pay attention to whiteboard marketing videos.


Animated – a video made using animation of ready-made or specially designed graphic materials


Animation videos are the easiest to divide according to the complexity of production.

  • Simple  – an animation video made from ready-made graphic materials, footage. The materials are either provided by the customer or taken from open sources on the Internet. Only a motion designer is involved in the creation. These videos are usually the cheapest.
  • Difficult  – an animation video in which graphic materials are drawn by an animator. And after that, a motion designer works with them, animating these objects. Such videos are several times more expensive than simple ones due to the high cost of the artist’s work.

When is it needed?

Finally, let’s move on to the benefits of animated video.

  • Low budget for video ads.  This is the first, but not the main reason.
  • The advertised object is intangible.  The second reason is already more significant. Not every business produces its own product or has impressive trade pavilions, production sites. Many services cannot be presented visually either. This applies to intelligent services, Internet services, multimedia services, startups, small industries, unfinished construction projects and many others. Animation allows you to schematically and beautifully visualize what needs to be conveyed to the target audience.
  • The style of a company or brand is closely related to animation.  This is not a common case, but it also happens. A company can use animation in everything from posting on social media to product labeling. In this case, the animated video will fit very well into the general concept of the company or brand.

An animated video is a great choice for any company. In some cases, it allows you to save a lot, in others – to stand out positively and emphasize your style. Good animation is cool.