Barcodes and the rise of the global economy

Barcodes have been hugely instrumental in the rise of the global economy.  Since the creation of the first barcode in 1974, they have taken the world by storm. They started out as simple, one dimensional codes such as the EAN and UPC barcodes. Since then, they have been developed further and these days we are seeing the rise in popularity of the more complex, two dimensional codes, such as Quick Response codes. Both one dimensional and two dimensional codes have spread into every sector of our lives. They have contributed greatly to the rise of the global economy. 

Before Barcodes

Life was completely different before the creation of barcodes, especially within the retail setting. In order to sell products, sales assistants would have to manually search for each item on the sales system. This would take valuable time and lead to long queues for clients. It also led to human mistakes being made, such as overcharging or undercharging a client. These human errors can lead to a loss of income that can put entire businesses at risk.  

Before the creation of barcodes, it was very difficult and almost impossible to keep track of a retailer’s inventory. To do regular stock checks, it was necessary to close down the whole store, which would lead to a loss of income.  In order to make a success out of a business, it is necessary to be in complete control over your inventory. This is so that you can make the critical decisions regarding what to stock as well as how much to stock of each item. It is important to keep your store well stocked with what your clients want and need.

The global economy was very much limited without barcodes. There was little possibility of financial growth and expansion. 

After Barcodes

The creation of codes changed all this.  Introducing codes into retailers helped to streamline the entire sales process so that things ran smoothly and accurately. Long queues became a thing of the past. Codes are saving retailers both time and money by ensuring that human error is eliminated as much as possible. This has allowed businesses to spend more money and time on planning how to expand their range of products and become a thriving and growing business concern. 

Retailers now have complete control over their inventory. They no longer have to close down in order to do regular inventory checks. Managers will know when to reorder stock and how much of each item to order to make sure that they meet the demand of their clients. This enables them to be more competitive in the modern economy. 

The two main retail barcodes are the UPC and EAN codes. These are american codes that are now used in retailers worldwide. They are one dimensional rectangular codes with black lines set against a white background and the barcode number written underneath. They are basically the same code, except that the EAN has an extra 0 in front of it, making it thirteen digits long. They are able to be scanned by barcode scanners. Of these two codes, the EAN codes are the most popular among retailers, as they are more versatile. 

The rise of QR codes

The development of barcodes did not stop at one dimensional codes such as those used within retailers to sell their products.  More complex, two dimensional codes have been developed.  These codes are able to store information such as a website address. In addition to this, they are also able to be scanned by any smartphone. This makes them far more useful than the traditional one dimensional codes. 

The most popular of these two dimensional codes are Quick Response Codes. These unique codes have multiple uses within the retail industry. They are used in many payment applications such as Snapscan and Zapper. These applications make it possible for clients to pay for their purchases by using their Smartphone to scan a QR Code. This links them to the payment website which is connected to their debit or credit card. This entire process is completely safe and secure and very convenient.  It is revolutionising the sales process within retailers. It is no longer necessary to carry around any cards or cash.

The use of these codes does not stop here.  They are also used to promote businesses and increase the public’s awareness of what the business offers.  Retailers can advertise any specials or promotions that they are currently running. All clients have to do is to scan the code in order to be linked to all the information that they are looking for. The more informed clients are, the more likely that they will become loyal customers and thus boost the profit margin of businesses. 

Quick Response Barcodes are also being used in tourism destinations in order to inform the public about what they can expect to experience on their visit. They can scan one of these codes to be linked to maps of the area, restaurants and other available shops, the general fauna and flora as well as any other information they may need in order to make a success of their day out. These codes are being used in restaurants in place of printed out menus. 

Entertainment venues are using QR codes on their tickets. When people purchase a ticket, they will be issued with a QR code to be scanned at the entrance. This makes it a lot easier to control entrance at huge concert venues. 

Quick Response codes have completely revolutionised the medical industry. They are being used in the majority of hospitals in many different ways in order to ensure the most efficient and high level of patient care, from a patient’s admission right through to when they are discharged. When the patient is admitted they will be given a wristband with a QR code on it. This code will have all the information that the staff need to know such as name, diet, medication, medical issue, etc.  This enhances the communication between the doctors and nurses and ensures that the patient gets the highest quality of care possible. These codes are also used to control the dispensing of medication as well as the dispensing of blood from Blood Banks. In these many different ways, barcodes are being used to save lives and ensure that hospitals are run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. 
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