Automate Your Practice with eClinicalWorks!

A medical institution includes doctors, nurses, caregivers, pharmacists, and managers working together to serve patients. The daily activities are complex and the influx of patients in a hospital makes the task cumbersome. There is a need to deploy a single piece of software that manages all the clinical applications and workflows of a hospital or a clinic.

 The system should manage registration, EMR, appointment scheduling, clinical notes and treatment, pharmacy, lab procedures, diagnosis, billing, and insurance claims while providing scalability, security, and ease of use. This article presents a comparison between eClinicalWorks software and Insight EMR software and suggests how you can automate your practice with eClinicalWorks EMR and improve your ROI. eClinicalWorks EMR supports all medical facilities while Insight EMR supports rehab facilities only.

eClinicalWorks EMR:

eClinicalWorks EMR software is developed by eClinicalWorks, Inc. and provides a comprehensive solution for your practice management. It is a complete cloud-based solution that enables you to access anytime anywhere and ensures security.

Automated Front Office:

One of the prime features of eClinicalWorks software is that completely automates your front office. A patient can simply visit the front office and the complete EMR is initiated.

Network EHR:

The EHR and EMR are available over the network to all the users. This allows easy and quick access of medical records. The records can also be updated by the doctors and nurses.

Remote Medicine and Patient Engagement:

eClinicalWorks EMR enables remote medicine and telehealth feature. This allows you to connect with remote patients and interact with them using telehealth and telemedicine features. Appointment scheduling, lab reports, treatment follow up and billing can be tracked through telemedicine as well as can be accessed via Android and iOS based smart devices.

Population Health Management:

eClinicalWorks software allows you to track population health and understand disease patterns. This is a powerful feature that lets you assess risks and work out solutions to pandemics and control the spread of diseases.

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) and Cost:

eClinicalWorks EMR enables better RCM for your medical establishment. There are multiple pricing options that support your business needs. eClinicalWorks EMR pricing comes in three plans. These include EHR only support, EHR with Practice Management and RCM as a service plan. The billing is based on a per provider basis and does not include startup costs.

eClinicalWorks Review:

eClinicalWorks software is a comprehensive practice management application that provides EMR management, practice management, automated front office support, Population health management and RCM. This software comes in different pricing plans that suit your needs.

Insight EMR Software Features:

Insight software is a cloud-based EMR management and billing suite developed by Clinicient. It has a high rating and is rated 4/5 by EMR systems. This software provides practice management, billing and is tailored for small and large practices. This software is suitable for rehab clinics and is useful for similar specializations including speech therapy, physical therapy and occupational therapy.

EMR Management Software:

INSIGHT EMR is developed with the help of technologies that synchronize data between administrative, clinical, and financial activities in treatment clinics. It is a single, unified system that provides solutions for activities like appointment scheduling, patient registration, medical data recording, documentation, insurance claims, and other similar day-to-day duties that are typical in all treatment practices.

Web Interface:

Insight EMR is a web-based software, which serves as both an EMR and an HER management and is meticulously developed by software professionals. It can also be customized to meet the needs of other specializations, such as speech therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy in addition to common rehabilitation practices.

Single Application:

From scheduling to final invoicing, Insight Software provides a single platform to manage all clinical processes. The software allows therapists to take notes, allowing them to devote more time to their patients. Medical practices can also use this software to create individualized user profiles that can be readily customized based on individual preferences.

Therapeutic Care:

For medical offices with at least two therapists in their specialty section, the Insight EMR Software is recommended. This comprises physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech-language pathology. Goal monitoring, automated coding, and configurable charting templates, as well as letter templates for physician communications, flow sheets, charge capture, and other iPad-friendly tools, are all included in the solution.

Insight EMR Reviews:

This software is designed for therapeutic care in rehabilitation centers. It provides a good user interface and a high customer support. The functionality and features are at par with other competitors.

eClinicalWorks EMR vs. Insight EMR:

Here we present a comparison of both products

Insight EMR is a suitable software for rehabilitation centers that focus on therapy. Its features and workflows are modelled for therapeutic care in different rehabilitation areas. However, eClinicalWorks EMR is a powerful software that is suitable for all kinds of medical centers including clinics and hospitals.

eClinicalWorks software provides telehealth and telemedicine that allow a patient to connect with the system using their smart phones and smart devices running android or iOS. This increases the accessibility of the system and includes remote patients as well.

eClinicalWorks software provides both cloud and network support for EHR and EMR management. The difference is that the data is stored remotely or locally. Insight software provides a remote cloud-based solution only. This might not be a strategic goal of the medical setup and is useful for small and medium-sized medical facilities.

Identifying breakout of diseases, pandemic and their monitoring is provided in eClinicalWorks. This is a powerful feature that can model local and global trends, disease outbreaks and can be used to control and monitor the spread of a disease. This is also useful in data intelligence as well as forecasting.

eClinicalWorks EMR implements a completely automated front office for your medical establishment. From registration to appointments, lab procedures, lab reports, diagnosis, notes, and billing, everything is tailored to cater to your needs. eClinicalWorks EMR supports RCM and costing. It also provides different pricing plans that are suitable for different types of medical facilities. From small to large, from a clinic to a hospital, it serves all.