Gold Coast of Australia’s mayor named Tom Tate, suggested that residents of the city may pay council rates or maybe a local property tax in Trading site. Yet critics flagged some concerns that volatility in crypto price may be leading to huge fluctuations in revenue of local council. 

Gold cost for welcoming Bitcoin tax payments

  • According to Mayor Tom Tate, the Gold Coast City Council is open to considering Bitcoin as one payment option for not only rates but other council services. 
  • This move comes as the city will look to embrace some new technologies.
  • Residents of Gold Coast will be able to anticipate seeing their rates rising at least 4%.
  • It will happen when the city will release its yearly budget on 14TH June.
  • Yet the mayor declared that the city will be hiring a chief investment officer from the private sector.
  • It will be for promoting innovation as well as exploring joint ventures upon public property. 
  • He included that the move will send one signal that they have been innovative.
  • They brought in the younger generation because it is still in the phase of research.
  • As per ABC News, Blockchain Australia’s Adam Poulton mentioned that the council will be needing to assess all risk appetites first.
  • With him, Blockchain Australia started to welcome the development.
  • They remarked that crypto is only another money form.
  • They also said that it has a rate of exchange that is well linked to the dollar of Australia.
  • He also said that with some software and applications, you will be able to adopt Bitcoin payment.

Crypto payments enabling will send a positive message

  • As indicated by the mayor, permitting digital currency payments will send a message that they are imaginative and draw in the younger generation.
  • The mayor added that they are just continuously looking forward.
  • A chart of Coingecko uncovers that Bitcoin fell by more than 56% after arriving at a record-breaking high in November. It traded at US$29,951.
  • Tom Tate has confidence in the capability of digital currency.
  • The industry affiliation of a national blockchain has upheld the proposition.
  • Some researchers of Bitcoin have suggested more prominent caution. 
  • He is bullish regarding Bitcoin’s potential to be utilized as a technique of payment.
  • It is despite the market loss of $2 trillion, or more than 50% of its overall value, in the last 6 months.

Bitcoin payment increases with demand surge

  • With growing Bitcoin popularity the total number of businesses and associations who are ready to acknowledge digital currency as payment is also increasing. 
  • The Council of Gold Coast City’s choice follows a 56% drop in the worth of Bitcoin.
  • It has been from its all-time price high in November.
  • Presently at US $29951, it is trading.
  • While the choice to permit digital currency payments is still in its beginning phases, it is a reassuring sign for the business. 
  • With additional organizations and associations starting to acknowledge crypto, it is gradually turning out to be more standard.
  • This move could make Australia become a crypto adoption leader worldwide.
  • The central African Republic and El Salvador’s residents will be able to pay all taxes in Bitcoin if the digital currency is legal there.


Tate noted that crypto adoption was yet not confirmed. But they were only searching for the next level. Moreover, Australia is very optimistic regarding Bitcoin compared to the other nations. The total market cap of Bitcoin is at $562 billion on the daily chart. This report based on the crypto adoption index of the site will evaluate Bitcoin’s worldwide growth and another cryptocurrency via a survey of more than 41600 individuals in 22 countries. The rate of the region of the Gold Coast jumped by almost 4 % in 2022. It was the largest increase within a decade. Mayor Tom Tate has been keen to attract younger people. He believes strongly that Bitcoin will be conveying a message to such an age group. One can pay taxes in Bitcoin. So any resident of the Central African Republic and El Salvador can do so if crypto is a legal tender. Adam Poulton mentioned that Bitcoin has one exchange rate. It is well-tied to the Australian dollar. It is despite that one fact many find this technology incomprehensible. Looking for the best Bitcoin trader check  Bitcoin smart. 

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