Assessing the benefits of a $500K Life Insurance Policy

Assessing the benefits of a $500K Life Insurance Policy

There are many challenges in life today. Right from facing numerous mental and emotional challenges, when one comes across a physical issue such as a health ailment or any other reason like an accident etc., the additional burden takes its toll on a person’s finances. You may have your near and dear ones, family and friends sail through mental and emotional states of turbulence. But whenever one comes across a physical challenge and needs medication, especially hospitalization, the financial balance is disturbed. To cope with this, a unique 500k life insurance plan is in place. While you attend to your loved one and handle the stress of emotional turmoil, the financial aspect undergoes a roller coaster ride. 

Choosing an insurance plan for a term can help to save funds and also provide a cushion in tough times. Insurance is a backup to safeguard your interests in times of untoward happenings or unexpected calamities – manmade or natural. So, choosing a 500K term plan of insurance can help you sail through those times smoothly and easily. Costing around 12$ a month for thirty years, the 500k plan is the most appropriate investment you can make for your health. Since life is invaluable, it is tedious to decide on a genuine amount of life insurance figure. But when you go for a reasonable amount like 500k, it ensures that there is full coverage thus giving you surety of money-related expenses. Let us evaluate and assess the advantages of selecting a life Insurance policy worth 500k:

  1. Affordable: One of the foremost benefits of going for a 500K life plan for insurance is economical and is pocket-friendly. With an average of around 12$ for a 30-year term and 16$ for 40 years, the plan is quite manageable and well within the means. It provides you with both security and safety along with an assurance of a strong financial backup in case of any exigency. In the long term, it proves to be less expensive than a regular permanent or universal life insurance plan. A $500,000 term life policy is a great choice for young families and people on a tight budget who need significant coverage because of its affordable premiums. Locking in level premiums for 20–30 years at a younger age in good health can give loved ones the comfort knowing they will be financially secure in the unlikely event of an emergency. 
  2. No confusion about coverage amount: Since the plan vividly gives an exact figure there is no ambiguity to the insurer about choosing the amount of insurance. It gives a clear and fixed amount, thus, saving the hassle of calculating and arriving at a figure which can still be inaccurate. Having a lump sum figure helps to know for sure the help you can expect in case of an emergency. When you know exactly the amount of insurance, you are confident to bear the expenses without any worry of crossing the limit. The predetermined $500,000 death benefit provides financial protection up front for the insured as well as their beneficiaries. The amount that will be paid out in the event that the insured dies during the term is known for sure. This makes it possible to properly plan and prepare for all necessary costs.
  3. Uses for various purposes:  A policy with such a large amount can be utilized for different purposes.  You may use it for any of the following depending on your priorities:
    1. Mortgage payoff.
    2. Debt payoff example credit card payment, student loan repayment or even car loan repayment.
    3. College expenses for one or more kids.
    4. Expenses for ageing parents if you outlive them. This financial support helps them to sail through any medical and other needs.
    5. Bearing the expenses of any special needs dependent after your life.
    6. Bearing the cost of funeral or burial expenses.
    7. Providing for spouse retirement expenses.
  4. No specific age to buy: There isn’t any fixed age to go for a 500 K plan to insure yourself. While age does matter and affects the insurance premium you pay, there is flexibility in deciding the plan duration giving you the comfort and convenience of selecting the right period. You may opt for a plan of 500k at the age of 30, 40 or even 50 years and avail the benefits. However, the amount of premium varies. The sooner you opt for an insurance policy, the lesser premium amount is due to you. It also means more benefits at an early age.
  5. Specific time insurance: Choosing a term plan also means that you are not bound to continue with the plan forever. You can opt to change or alter the insurance plans and terms after the term plan concludes. The term plan is for a fixed and generally short duration giving you the liberty to change or add newer options according to your priorities. You may opt for a term plan for a specific period and as per your need, besides matching your other obligations. 
  6. Manage budgetary issues: It may be the case that you wish to safeguard your future but do not have the required funds for a fixed permanent insurance plan. In such cases, term plans are your best bet. They help you to have a safety cover in addition to supporting various expenses and help you sail through times of limited availability of funds to spare for insurance. The term plans give you equal benefits but for a shorter duration. 
  7. Gender: While looking at the age and other factors, another important aspect considered while finalizing the amount of premium is also your gender. If you are female, you end up paying a smaller amount as a premium since females are believed to have longer life expectancy in comparison to men. It also means the risk in the case of females is lesser than that in the case of men. Thus, the rate of premium and other charges for availing insurance is lesser for women.  

Life insurance has become a basic requirement in today’s times when everything is erratic and unstable. Choosing a permanent life insurance plan or term insurance is entirely at your discretion. You may consider your resources, financial status, income generation and expenses in addition to your age and dependents while selecting the type of insurance you need. While a 500k life insurance plan seems most suitable, it is advisable to evaluate the pros and cons of each plan and then go for the most appropriate one according to your budget and needs. 

Conclusion: Life insurance is one of the necessities without which one cannot go on. Choose wisely and use discretion before putting your hard-earned money into a plan which will give you the most results and benefits when needed. 

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