Are Sales Enablement Tools Beneficial for Managers?

Sales enablement is not a new concept. The basic concept has always been there with different names. The primary objective is to equip your sales team with all the resources they need, in order to excel in the market. The competition is based upon the number of sales, but eventually the organisation with trained employees and professional supervision leads the market.

How Sales Enablement Tools Work?

Sales enablement is the process of supplying sales training, coaching, enablement technology, and content to your sales and marketing teams, in order to improve the overall performance across the board. It does not matter if your top earning sales reps are making more sales than the entire team combined, there’s always room for improvement. In the modern age of technology, the benchmark of sales is beyond skies as global marketing has prevailed and business is no more confined by its physical location. Deals are closed over the internet, which does not require the consumer and seller to be a specific place.

The Growing Need of Sales Enablement Tools

The need of a sales enablement tool is now more than ever before. Consumers have information and power at their fingertips. A study led by Salesforce and Public is Sapient, stated that 87% of consumers begin their buying journey with online research. This study also found that 64% of shoppers say they feel that brands don’t truly understand their individual needs and desires. This observes the need of personalising the approach of brands. In order to break through a genuine conversation with potential buyers or clients, your sales and marketing teams need to be equipped with advanced resources.

How Important is a Sales Enablement Tool for Managers?


The main concern of a chief sales officer or a manager is to keep track of all the successful deals and advising financial investments in the resources that are frequently used and have a positive return. CRM algorithms are used to identify risky opportunities. But these algorithms do not provide check and balance because they are solely dependent on the data entered by sales reps. Sales reps can enter their desired data and corrupt the ledgers. A sales enablement tool will allow the manager to keep an eye on the productivity, the margin of successful deals, when it’s necessary to intervene on a deal. 

Increased Productivity

Businesses invest significantly in sales training methodologies to improve the organization’s effectiveness and productivity. A sales manager is the in-charge officer who is responsible for the performance of the sales team. The productivity of the sales team can be increased by activities and discussions led on a sales enablement tool about a particular product. This organisational adoption will not only be a business benefactor, but it will also sharpen the skills of individual employees. 

Help in Achieving Target

Sales managers are responsible for reaching the predefined sales target by the employer. While they also have to make sure that the sales teams are leveraging the appropriate company resources to bring real value to clients. Through a sales enablement tool, managers can not only accomplish this task, but they can also help the salespeople to present the company’s products and services effectively. They can check on the delivered value to the customers, whether it’s according to the standards of their company. 

A Warehouse for Digital Assets

Sales enablement platforms are basically a warehouse for digital assets. A manager can organise all these assets in a way that his sales team can easily find the required content without luring in the mess. A sales manager is not expected to be present in an office, in order to monitor the performance of content or employees. This will enable him to work with mobility and precision accuracy. 

Helps in Generating More Sales

The common goal of every sales manager is to shorten the sales cycles, increase the value of deals, and help sales reps improve their productivity as measured by reaching quota. The strategic use of sales enablement tools by sales managers will result in exceptional growth of the business or organisation because they followed the metrics productivity model and invested in tools that are primarily focused on serving individual sales reps.
One of the most handy sales enablement tools is Content Camel. It is specifically engineered for managers and advisers, as it provides all the insights of content performance, as well as the sales team performance.