Are people playing online bingo in the UK?

Bingo is a game that has very successfully made the transfer to the online space. In fact, it is one of the more popular types of game found at an online casino.

It isn’t just at an online casino that you can find these bingo games. There are dedicated bingo sites out there, exclusively created to house hundreds of these types of games – check out some bingo rooms online.

With the transition of bingo from halls to online casinos, players from all over the globe can now partake in the game. So, where is it most popular and do people play bingo online in the UK?

Bingo’s global popularity

Bingo as a game started in Italy. It is still highly popular over there and has been since the 16th century.

In the late 1800s, Germany adopted the game and it wasn’t until the 1920’s that it made its way to the USA. This is where the game of bingo is played most in all the world.

That might sound strange as I’m sure many of you associate bingo with the UK. Why is this?

Bingo in the UK

Bingo first landed on British shores much later than the other parts of the world. This is because the gambling act in 1960 finally made it legal for people to place bets with real money. Thus the game of bingo took off with bingo halls opening up all over the country.

Bingo halls were a success, with nearly 14milllion game taking place every year. But then that number dropped around the early 2000’s. This wasn’t because brits fell out of love with the game. A new medium had just reared its head.

Online Bingo in the UK

It was around the same time of online casinos becoming popular that bingo halls began shutting their doors. That was because players were revelling in the advantages that come with playing bingo online.

This trend has only increased over the years as the number of brits choosing to play bingo online has risen by 18% in the last two years.

The success of bingo in the UK has mean that most of the bingo sites out there are UK based. They just can’t get enough. You may be familiar with bingo sites such as:

·         Buzz Bingo

·         Mecca Bingo

·         Bet365 Bingo

·         Mr Q Bingo

·         888 Ladies Bingo

All of these sites receive millions of visitors per year and it all down to the good old UK’s love affair with a game of bingo. It seems that these islands will be the home and champion of the game in the future.


So, do people in the UK play bingo online? Oh, yes. They may not have invented the game as many people suspected, but their love of bingo has kept the game alive all these years later. In fact, the UK are the ones carrying bingo into the future and the online space.