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Are Bitcoins safe?

After the housing market meltdown in January 2009, bitcoin was established as a digital currency. It is inspired from ideas presented by Yuan Pay Group Website, a mysterious man. The man behind Bitcoin is still hidden. Unlike government-issued currencies, Bitcoin promises lower transaction fees than standard online payment methods and is controlled by a decentralized authority. No trading or transaction can be claimed to 100% safe, as there are market risks, technical hazards etc. Hence, before you start investing in Bitcoin, you should go for a thorough market research. 

So, let’s take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly in terms of the security of this cryptocurrency.

Why should you buy bitcoin?

Some people don’t believe that one bitcoin is worth thousands of dollars. You should invest in Bitcoin. Reasons of investing in Bitcoin are- 

  • Bitcoins are in short supply.

Consider gold as an example of money. Gold is very limited on earth. There is little gold left as gold is found, making it more cost consuming to find. As a result, due to its millennium-long history as a medium of exchange, gold has long been regarded as a hedge against monetary inflation. They are quite fast and easy to use, when compared to other forms of investment that you plan to make. 

  • Bitcoins are beneficial

Bitcoins are rare as well as helpful. Bitcoin has a good and predictable monetary policy that everyone can verify. The monetary policy of bitcoin is one of its most important features. They are decentralized hence the concept of calculated risks are minimized to a large extent. They are open source and hence, you do not have to go through any hidden charge etc. Bitcoin allows users to make cross-border payments while also providing a simple means of avoiding failed government monetary policy. 

  • Bitcoin price

There is no official price for bitcoin. Bitcoin price is determined by how many people are ready to pay for it. The current and historical price of bitcoin can be found from all over the world. Bitcoin price is usually expressed as the price of a single bitcoin. Exchanges allow you to buy bitcoin in any amount. 

Is Bitcoin safe? 

When it comes to investing in Bitcoin, without knowing what you’re doing might be really destructive. The primary risk is that you could lose your keys (which would be lost forever), or you would reveal your keys to a thief. If you don’t have control over your private key, you shouldn’t be using bitcoin in the first place, and you shouldn’t be concerned about counterparty risk. If “secure” means “anonymous,” then bitcoin is risky and transparent. 

No, most countries don’t like bitcoin if you mean “loved by the government by secure.” Every bitcoin transaction you make is accompanied by a tax liability that must be reported (in the US).

But nothing is entirely risk-free. Bitcoin is no worse than other forms of exchange if you are careful and “read the instructions.”

Consider buying something over the phone with a credit card. You do not need any special permission for the starting and regulation, or regarding the transaction of Bitcoin. It is entirely unnecessary and crazy. You transfer the payment to them with bitcoin, and no other trust is required. 

Disadvantages of Bitcoin investment:

  • The price of bitcoin is constantly fluctuating. On December 17th, 2017, bitcoin was worth $20,000 if you bought it. You could not sell your investment for more than $7,051 a week later. The bitcoin market is constantly changing. You cannot expect good returns on your investment in such an unexpectedly volatile market.
  • An investor faces a hacking risk. You can deal in bitcoins by a mobile app or website in any Bitcoin exchange. Bitcoins are all about real-time money and work through a push system. 
  • There are no effective regulations controlling bitcoin market. It’s not taxed, and governments aren’t sure what to do.
  • Currently, only a few internet merchants accept bitcoin. Since many businesses do not recognize bitcoin as an actual exchange, it is an unsuitable investment vehicle. 


The question that comes to mind of every new Bitcoin investor is: is that safe? The article can provide you some help with Bitcoin investment. Or you can also trust the official Bitcoin Era app. 

What do you think?

Written by Kesara Bandaragoda

GAG Staff

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