Answer these 4 Questions to learn about your Customer’s restaurant furniture requirements

You are close to turning your dream into reality by finally starting your restaurant. So it is only natural to feel anxious about your endeavor. How will your customers react to your restaurant? Will they want to come back after the first visit? This and many other questions are bound to give you jitters before you finally cut the ribbons and open your restaurant’s doors to everyone. 

If you have delicious food and comfortable furniture, then you can rest assured that your restaurant will be a success. However, it is still safe to have answers to certain questions to make sure your customers aren’t disappointed with the type of restaurant furniture your eatery harbors. 

So we recommend posing the below 4 questions to yourself before you invest in restaurant furniture

1 – How Many Customers can be accommodated in Your Dining Area?

It is extremely important to know how spacious your restaurant’s interior is. You want your customers to be seated comfortably while having no problem moving around. Needless to say, guests do not like overcrowded eating spaces. If they have a comfortable place to sit, eat, and hang out, you can bet they will come back to your place again. 

You also need enough room for your staff to move around comfortably. To understand whether you need a table that will accommodate 2 people or 4. The most popular tables that can accommodate 2 people are sized 24” x 30”. For four people, a table-sized 36” x 36” will suffice. For larger booths, a table size of 30” x 48” is ideal. 

2 – How Much Are Your Customers Likely to Spend?

The amount of money you expect your customers to pay to have meals at your restaurant will determine the type of chairs and tables you can afford and need. Different types of furniture are available in a variety of price ranges. Laminate and padded tabletops, for instance, can be fantastic options if you are limited on budget. 

If you are expecting customers who won’t mind paying more for meals, then relatively expensive table tops made of solid oak, butcher block or granite will be a perfect choice. These tables can be custom-made and stained to match the overall aesthetic of your restaurant. 

3 – What Type of Customers are you expecting to Serve?

The type of customers you wish to serve can also impact the style and size of your restaurant furniture. For instance, customers who order large meals and come in large groups should be seated at tables with sturdier bases. The base should be sturdy enough to support the weight of all utensils placed on them. Tables with weak bases will result in the tables becoming wobbly. A wobbled table will leave very little room underneath the table for customers to rest their legs. The base should be the right height, to provide comfort to customers.

4 – Why Are Customers Coming to Your Restaurant?

Customers often come to cafes to relax, have a cup of coffee, read a book, or simply hang out with their friends. Customers at a sports bar, on the other hand, will be energetic as they’ve come to watch sports while enjoying drinks with their friends. You can expect the environment in a sports bar to be rowdier than a café.

As such, you need furniture that can handle the commotion that most sports bars experience. It is recommended to use durable barstools and chairs in such bars that are preferably made of metal. On contrary, cafes need furniture that is more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.