The complete overhaul of the academic ecosystem has brought about a compelling effect on the present and upcoming generations to step-up their diligence. The only way to ensure academic excellence in 2021 is to step out of your comfort zone and get geared-up.

Competitive exams have always been more about smart work than hard work; unfortunately, one-third of candidates fail to cotton on this fact. Although, completing the syllabus might appear to be a herculean task in the beginning, with attentive strategies and a lot of smart work you can have it all under your control. 

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Given below is a quick advanced guide to clear your competitive exams like a pro!

Start Well in Advance

As mentioned above, in order to stand out you will have to step out of the usual common road. To avoid mini panic attacks during the course of your study, start preparing before everyone else. Set your heart upon a goal from the very start so that with each passing day you get closer to your dream. Candidates tend to underperform under the time-crunch stress.

Curate a Feasible Plan and Stick to it

A common mistake most candidates commit is to draft an ideal-looking plan that only Wonder Woman could achieve. If anything, it will only leave you disappointed, so much so, you might start questioning your capabilities. This kind of negative energy must be kept two-feet away. Instead plan a practicable time-table and try to sit down for studies at a decided time every day. Social sciences have evidence that if you practise something at the same time every day, the brain develops a habit that helps you focus effortlessly. It is called Classical Conditioning of the brain.

Less is More

A 3 months’ worth of smart work is any day better than a year of a reluctant study. Be careful of choosing a reasonable period for your preparation. Candidates often waste years of their golden youth after preparing for competitive exams. Each exam has a different course length and hence demands a different period for preparation. Find out the usual period of your exam and set your goal somewhere around it. For example, My GRE Exam Preparation suggests the amount of time you must

dedicate to the preparation if you are studying for the GMAT exam. 

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Use More Infographics

It is a psychologically proven fact that humans have the tendency to retain image memory for a longer period than sound memory. Therefore, try and use as many visual representations as you can in your notes. It does not have to be limited to standard diagrams or graphs, you can discover your way of memorising important concepts through customised drawings and illustrations. Once in a while, you can also look for educational videos online on various open-source channels, when you are not in the mood to pick up your books.. 

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Nevertheless, the most important thing is to keep your cool while preparing for exams. Do not let the anxiety attacks make you feel any less capable. Space out your brain by adding necessary recreational hours to your routine to feel fresh. 

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