An Accurate Comparison of 2021 RAM 1500

The truck plays an essential role in the era of transportation because it is used to do all the heavy works, which is not possible to do with the help of the ordinary car. There are many manufacturers available all over the world from whom you can buy a truck according to requirements. But you will never find any truck with the same feature and price in any brand rather than RAM. It is one of the most famous and dedicated companies all over the world. It provides many latest features to all their customer. That’s why the popularity of RAM trucks is increasing day by day.

They always use the latest technology in the manufacturing of any model of RAM truck. It leads to an increase in its ability to do work and increase its horsepower, which makes all the work easy or effortless. All the models of RAM trucks have the maximum towing capacity, which is an indication of the durability of the truck. RAM uses high-quality material for the manufacturing of trucks which helps to increase its age. So, you can use RAM trucks for many years without facing any kind of problem regarding the vehicle.

There are many models available in the market which have different specification but one of the most common factors in all which is high performance according to the budget of the truck. If we talk about its latest models, then RAM 1500 is the most famous and dedicated model because it is not more expensive and provides all the features which are provided by any costly truck. Due to this characteristic, RAM 1500 won the popularity of “truck of the year” in 2019. You can buy both these models through a new RAM truck for sale in Chicago.      

RAM 1500 vs. RAM 1500 classic

If you follow RAM trucks, then you may know. Currently, there are two versions of RAM 1500 is available in the market; RAM 1500 and RAM 15000 classic. Both these models have their own features and specialist in their own work, but there are many differences in these two models, which we will discuss in the comparison of both the model. RAM 1500 classic was the standard version of RAM 1500, which is offered during the time period 2009 to 2019. It was the fourth generation of RAM’s best seller.

On the other hand, if we talk about RAM 1500, then it was the fifth generation or version of the series RAM’s flagship. The best thing is that this model is totally redesigned and manufactured after 2019, which earns more popularity in comparison to the old design. As mentioned earlier, both these models have different specifications, but both are fantastic according to their range. If you are willing to buy cheap, then go for RAM 1500classic, or if you want to buy a truck with high technology, then RAM 1500 will be the best choice for you.   

Quad vs. Crew Cab

If we talk about the new which is 2021 RAM 1500, offers seven trims except for special addition. In this feature, buyers can choose the design itself or from featuring DT design. It is not about the particular model of RAM truck because all RAM trucks provide different options regarding beds and cab. You can choose according to your requirements and desire. Out of these numerous options, the crew and quad cab is the most prominent options.

If we talk about these two options, the crew cab provides you more rear legroom, which is approximately 45.2 inches, and the quad is also pretty excellent but dull in comparison to the crew cab. It gives you approximately 35.6 inches of legroom. But on the basis of cargo space, the whole scenario is changing because quad cab provides more cargo space which is 6’4″. On the other hand crew cab provide only 5’7″ to all the users, but there is one thing which is too much interesting, you can upgrade it to 6’4″ which will add the length in the vehicle. You can search by new RAM trucks from new RAM trucks for sale in Chicago.


If you are looking for a great tradesman, the 2021 RAM tradesman is the cheapest option which starts through the MRP of $ 32,245. Electric shift and engine cooler play an important role because they are used for a standard transmission. If we talk about the interior of RAM 2021, it comes with a 40/20/40 split-bench and also consists of a vinyl covering for increasing its durability. Some other features are a 12-volt auxiliary power outlet, remote USB port, an audio jack input, six total speakers, and many more. All the above-mentioned features are available in a cabin.

If we talk about the exterior of the RAM 1500 tradesman, consist of many types of equipment and feature like 18-inch steel wheel which you can customize according to your need or desire but the one thing which will remain common in all the tires is maximum control because of its high-quality building. Initially, it also consists of a seven-pin wiring harness and a Class III receiver hitch. One of the most prominent things is tradesman is rated maximum for having much more towing capacity, which is 7,730 pounds, but in reality, you can only payload of 2100 pounds.  


If we talk about quad and crew cab, then 2021 RAM is the last model which had provided these two features together in one truck. There are many other characteristics also which are provided by these models, but the crew can with 6’4″ is not available in this model. One thing which is too good, you can customize it and upgrade to 6’4″, but it will not be provided initially by these trucks.

The base price of this model is $ 46, 020 and the rebel also comes with a more rugged and off-road experience. One thing which makes the rugged feature-complete is the tow hook. In addition to this, 2021 rebel also provides the facility of LED headlamps, taillamps, and fog lights. One of the best facilities is an electronic lock system and a rear power sliding or electric window.