Amaze your teacher by writing well-written essays with these tips

Essays can be very boring to write if I’m being honest but the thing is you’ll have to write many essays in your academic life such as for college admissions, college scholarships, university admissions, etc. This is why it’s very important that you have decent essay writing skills and for that, I have some tips that will help you for sure.

Types of essays

College-level essays are basically of two types that are persuasive and informative.

  • Informative is basically when you write about your topic like it’s a question for you and your readers so, you will be telling everything about your topic giving as much information as you can to your readers.
  • A persuasive essay is basically when you try to convince your readers to adopt your point of view through words and arguments. You will be presenting two arguments with which you will be giving some pros and cons and in the end, you will support either one of your arguments with a support sentence.

Instructions of essays are crucial

Following the guidelines given by your teacher during the essay is very essential. They’re a test for you to see if you’re capable of following them while writing the essay. It can be hard but if you pull it off, they might select you for their writing program which can grant you great credits for university.

So, it’s very important to follow the guidelines given to you or else the teacher will fail you.

  • So, take your time when reading the assignment paper and do not miss anything in it.
  • Don’t exceed 5 paragraphs as 4-5 paragraphs is the limit of an essay. So, gather information for 5 paragraphs only when researching.
  • Research skills are also very important when it comes to writing a well-written essay. This type of skill can be improved by going to the library and researching there because books have legit information, unlike the internet.
  •  Just make sure you’re using a trusted source otherwise the teacher will notice if it’s fake.Many fake sources on the internet lie about fake information saying it’s legit but mostly it’s fake. However, if you’re using trusted sources then I don’t think it should be a problem.

    Here are tips that you can use to improve your essay writing skills:

    Try to use short and easy sentences when writing, this is because you don’t want the reader to get confused or anything so, keeping the sentences short and easy will help the reader to understand everything you’ve written in the essay without any confusion.

    Vocabulary is probably the most important when it comes to essay writing because you need to have different ways of expressing yourself through words and if you can’t do that, your essay will look poorly done which is not something your teacher looks forward to reading.

    When writing an essay, make sure to do it on your laptop so that you can use an editing tool, this will allow you to correct any grammatical and spelling errors you’ve made. It’ll indicate the part where you have made an error. It’s a tool every writer uses no matter how they’re good at writing.

    You may also check out safe as they’re very reliable for this kind of writing-related stuff.