All the Secrets of Successful Web Design

All the Secrets of Successful Web Design

When visiting any website, the first thing a user pays attention to is its design. Each of its elements influences a person’s first impression and his desire to stay on this resource a little longer.

That is why before creating your website, it is important to carefully consider all visual aspects together with a web designer, for example from a bigcommerce web design company. Let’s talk a little about all these features.

Color selection

The color scheme in which a website is designed greatly influences the perception, mood and emotions of each visitor. Each color evokes different emotions in people:

● Red. Attracts a person’s attention and evokes emotions of strength or fear. This color often highlights important elements or calls to action;

● Black. It can be both delightful and annoying. So don’t go overboard using it as your main color;

● White. Does not distract attention and helps to focus on a specific product. It is important not to overdo it with this color so as not to cause boredom to the user;

● Grey. A neutral, status color that does not carry any special meaning, but is well suited for the background and information blocks;

● Blue. Can give the user a feeling of trust in this resource and a desire to use its services;

● Purple. Women love this shade very much. Well suited for online stores of exclusive products and sites related to magic and esotericism;

● Pink. It has a pleasant feel and evokes pleasant emotions. Children and women love it very much, so they often decorate various websites for them;

● Green. Popular among environmental organizations and companies that are concerned about environmental issues;

● Yellow. Lifts the user’s mood and draws his attention to important information. Well suited for designing business websites and children’s online stores;

● Orange. Attracts the visitor’s attention and stimulates him to action.

Colors are also very important in branding. A correctly selected color palette emphasizes the brand’s identity and creates a positive impression of it.


Typography is the science of designing and placing text on a website. The choice of text structure, fonts and sizes, line spacing affects perception, readability and compliance with the overall style of the website:

● Font family. Its choice determines the overall style of the text. For example, serif fonts are typically used for formal text, while sans serif fonts are typically used for modern websites;

● Size and linear spacing. Correct text size and line spacing ensure readability of the text. The optimal font size depends on its context and primary target audience;

● Font style. Using a variety of styles makes any text more structured and expressive.

Illustrations and Graphics

Graphics is a language that can tell a story without words. Various visual elements will make communication with users as effective as possible:

● Product image. Graphics can show the product in action. This makes the information more understandable and closer to reality;

● Icons and illustrations. Unusual illustrations will give the site uniqueness. And icons will add visual emphasis and simplify navigation;

● Animation. Soft animation elements will make your website design more attractive and dynamic.

Use all these secrets and they will help make your website effective and attractive to visitors.

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