All that Marketers need to know about B2B video Marketing in 2021

There has been an explosion in popularity in video marketing in recent years, similar to the growing popularity of playing a Sloto cash online casino.   It has become especially popular and valuable in the B2B sphere. According to a survey carried out, ‘Navigating through Change, video marketing statistics 2021, 70% of marketers feel that videos have shown a good Return on Investment (ROI) in 2021.

B2B video marketing explained.

Basically, video marketing is the process whereby you plan, create and share your content in video format with your chosen B2B audience.   These videos may include things like social media videos, video podcasts, webcasts, livestreams and other formats.

The survey also found that when developing high value content for companies “24% of marketers picked training videos 24% chose promo videos 14% went with demo/explainer videos, 145 selected live streams and 12% went with personalized videos, 10% opted for how to videos and 2% picked customer onboarding videos.”

Content ideas and tips for B2B


good idea is to share your experiences.  In order to build your brand image, you could give a virtual tour of your business location, showing the product in all of its developmental stages.  Another idea would be to follow an employee around for the day showing the routine of the business.

Keep things light

Your video should not be too involved.  Better to keep it light and fun.  Remember you are trying to connect with other people, even if they are part of the corporate world.  Using animation can be useful as is using ‘behind-the-scenes’ to capture the interest of your audience.

Show what your products can do

Ultimately solutions to issues are what businesses are looking for.  Develop videos interviews showing how your products are valued by happy customers or create how-to videos which appear on your website and/or on social media platforms.You should, however, make your products available internationally. Suppose a significant amount of your audience speaks a foreign language, such as Spanish. In that case, you can also showcase your products to them by translating your videos and making them available for that market as well. With an online video translator, you can make that in no time.  

Don’t forget the ‘emotion’

Rationality may be the first thing you think of when you think of B2B marketing, however, in order to make a really big impact you need to emotionally connect with your buyer.   It doesn’t have to be in your face, but can be subtle.  There is a growing trend to use humor in B2B marketing videos as well as things like amazement and curiosity.    Emotions play an important part in the way in which your brand is perceived.  A lot can be learned, and your B2B relationships will be shaped, by your video ads, your content and consumer experiences.

Ensure that video production is good

Your videos should be relevant and distinctive if you want to capture the interest of your customers.  Make sure you use only good camera equipment, use video software for editing and get professionals on board to help.

Keep the customer’s journey in mind

It is useful to create a B2B marketing strategy video that focuses on the buying stages, the participants and their needs and goals.   Buyers will be in a better place to make decisions about the products they need to buy from you with supporting content.

Below are the 3 best social media sites for B2B video marketing


LinkedIn has over 55 million companies registered with them. There were 10,000 software pages on LinkedIn in 2020 using it to create sales leads, product reviews and many other things. Most B2B content marketers, 96%, use LinkedIn for social media marketing. 80% use ads on LinkedIn.  Businesses get many more responses and comments on their Live streams on LinkedIn than they do on any other videos.


Twitter is the preferred digital marketing tool for B2B marketers with 86% using it in 2020.  B2B businesses are becoming more interested in Twitter and its popularity has been growing in light of the audience’s interest in industry news and content consumption.

On Twitter, Ad views of brands get viewed 26% more than on other platforms. And on this platform messages have a much greater chance of getting clicked in a Tweet if they are posted a number of times than if they are only seen the one time.


In January 2021, Facebook had over 2.74 billion users and a large number of these, 74% are using Facebook for professional work.  Around 90 million small businesses advertise their products on Facebook and more than 65% of B2B brands use Facebook ads and roughly 87% use Facebook as a marketing tool.

B2B Marketing – video hosting platforms


This is a video sharing platform where it is possible to create high quality videos that are easily shared with audiences and include live streaming.   It is a leader globally in all-in-one video software solutions.


Wistia enables the user to develop professional videos that include advance tools like customized players, detailed analytics and simple to embed videos.   It is specifically designed to support companies who use videos on their websites for things like marketing, sales and support.

Sprout Video

Sprout Video supports video marketing, security and analytical tools and allows for convenient video sharing. Businesses can make use of marketing platform integrations, video SEO and much more.


Brightcove cloud based.   A number of big multi-national media companies as well as other businesses use this online video platform to create and share their videos.   It offers a whole range of features like video management and marketing, calculated ad placement, video analytics, interactive advertisement capabilities, social media sharing, live video content on OTT devices and a lot more.


A free video sharing platform, very easy to edit, upload and see videos online.   It is currently probably one of the most, if not the most, popular websites.   6 billion hours of videos are watched by visitors every month.   It is also possible for users to make comments on the content.  Users are also able to develop and upload their ow videos that they can share with other users.

2 Examples of B2B video marketing successes.


Cisco is an example of really successful B2B video marketing.  The videos concentrate on understanding who their audience is and making content that is appealing to them. According to Cisco, the median length of a B2B video should be between 60 and 90 seconds.  Cisco has approximately 3000 videos, a production of around 1000 per year so B2B businesses have a lot to learn from Cisco as to how to create the successful marketing video.


SAP’s YouTube platform provides a personalized approach when it comes to video marketing.  It creates content for specific customers, therefore making it very convenient for brands to see content that is relevant to them.   SAP is very good at engaging their targeted audience on an emotional level and provides solutions that get to the heart of the problem.