Alcohol Is Not Enough. You Need More!

In January 2022, the Novel Coronavirus – also known as Covid-19, will make its two-year mark. Over the course of the Pandemic, we have seen rising cases of infection and deaths. We are in a fight with what we cannot see. Bacterias and viruses are not visible to the naked eye and what is so frightening about this is that they are just lingering in our surfaces and the air we breathe. Moreover, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention notes that the Novel Coronavirus is airborne. With that said, alcohol as means of protection is simply not enough.

Why Current Cleaning Methods Are Ineffective

Standard cleaning protocol would only entail disinfecting surfaces with alcohols or other forms of disinfecting liquids. Included in this protocol is, of course, washing the hands and social distancing for about six feet. However, with the virus being airborne, how are you certain that your environment and the air around you are 100% safe?

Numerous medical studies show that the coronavirus spreads more than six feet. They are tiny particles lingering in the air, and they also remain active on plastic, metal, and glass surfaces for up to nine days. Moreover, it can also be present in your clothes and furniture.

With that said, we need a more effective disinfection process, and that is sanitising the air.

What Is An Air Sanitiser And Its Benefits

Air sanitation would involve the process of killing airborne bacterias and viruses in your environment. This is achieved by diffusing an eco-friendly and safe vapour that is made up of hospital-grade disinfectant particles. It kills off bacterias and viruses by targeting certain amino acids, which are the essential building blocks in helping form cell walls. Here is a summary of the benefits offered by a typical air sanitiser in Singapore:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Hospital grade disinfectant
  • Eliminates 30+ bacterias and viruses
  • Free from odours
  • Kills residue
  • Non corrosive & Non flammable
  • No rinse required
  • No PFE required
  • Not irritating to skin
  • Reduces allergen
  • Gets rid of odours at their origin
  • Removes and block moulds from forming
  • All around sanitiser
  • With a shelf life of over a year

Just based on that list, you are already feeling much safer with your environment rather than with the standard cleaning protocols. Alcohol is an effective disinfectant, but with the novel coronavirus, we need more robust protection, and that is precisely what air sanitisers give to us.

How And Where To Use Your Air Sanitiser

You can use an air sanitiser everywhere, but this is most especially useful to commercial spaces such as hotels, restaurants, and offices. If you are a business owner, you will make both your customers and employees feel more at ease with sanitising the very air you breathe. All you have to do is spray this non-invasive and gentle disinfectant into the air. Moreover, you can leave an air sanitising machine on 24/7 to ensure maximum cleanliness.

We do not know when the Pandemic will end, and it is best to take extra cautionary measures like air sanitisers to ensure our safety.