The K-Pop industry is witnessing a revolutionary trend. The South Korean band Eternity, known for its bubblegum pop beats and neon aesthetics, has made headlines. But here’s the twist: none of its 11 members are real. Instead, they’re entirely AI-generated.


Pulse9, the creative brains behind Eternity, emphasizes the benefits of AI musicians over their human counterparts. One member, Zae-in, stands out. She sings, raps, designs, and acts. Her multi-faceted performances are possible due to real-time face-swapping technology, and drawing skills from various talents.

How Technology is Changing Music

Virtual influencers aren’t new. Figures like Lil Miquela and Rozy have been popular for a while. But now, advanced AI video and audio tools are transforming the scene, creating lifelike virtual characters. Pulse9 leveraged this tech to craft Eternity. They used deepfake and motion capture, drawing digital face inspirations from famed Korean celebrities.

K-pop’s major players are diving into this tech-driven wave. SM Entertainment introduced Aespa, blending human artists with virtual twins. Hybe, associated with global sensation BTS, tapped into AI, releasing multi-lingual tracks.

Another noteworthy mention is MAVE, a virtual group by Metaverse Entertainment. This group isn’t just about face swaps. It’s a CGI creation, with deep learning playing a pivotal role in their performances.

Metaverse Entertainment

Fans Connect with Virtual Stars

The AI realm offers fans unique engagement opportunities. They can now converse with virtual pop stars, fostering a personal bond. These AI stars have a cost advantage too, avoiding expenses linked to human training and health. Plus, no personal scandals.

However, the rise of virtual bands has its critics. Some fans fear that real artists might be sidelined. Yet, Pulse9’s CEO remains optimistic, viewing AI artists as a fresh content avenue, not a replacement.

In conclusion, the K-pop world is on the brink of an AI-powered era. The lines between real and virtual are blurring, setting the stage for an intriguing future in entertainment.

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