Finding Suitable Living Accommodation for Your Senior Relative

As relatives age, their needs change and as a result, challenges naturally occur. Whether you have been looking after (and supporting) a relative for a few months or a few years, a move to new living accommodation can affect them and you. However, when you find the right living accommodation for your senior relative, you can be sure that their care is in safe and trusted hands. You can also be sure that they are getting a good quality of life too, with the opportunity to meet other residents. Of course, before committing, you will want to find the most suitable location. So, what questions should you be asking, and what do you need to reflect on?

Temporary or Permanent Move?

To begin with, you need to establish whether the move will be a temporary one or perhaps a more permanent one. You need to establish what option you are looking at because this will help you get your search criteria together, which will of course help you make the best selection and choice. So, are you looking for somewhere that offers respite options of around a few weeks, or are you looking into a more permanent move for your senior relative?

What Does the Accommodation Have to Offer

Now that you know what type of move will be made, you then need to establish what options are on offer. Some living accommodation choices offer rooms which have their own bathrooms, while others offer independent living (but under the supervision of care staff). Also, some types of accommodation offer other amenities such as restaurants and on-site cafes, and these may be good for social integration for your loved one. When you are looking at the type of accommodation on offer think about how you would feel living there and try to put yourself in the shoes of your family member.

Relieve Stress and Pressure

When you have been caring for a senior relative for a while you can feel highly stressed. You want to make the right choices and decisions, and to do this you have to have a clear mind and clear focus. If you find that you are consumed by caregiver grief then you need to start by taking a step back. Take some time out for yourself, and then when you are ready to carry on finding suitable living accommodation. Pushing yourself, or rushing decisions may leave you feeling uneasy, and may affect the happiness of your relative.

Cost and Location

Even though cost should not be your main consideration, it should be one of your top considerations. Ensuring that living accommodation is affordable and sustainable is important because consistency in the quality of care needs to be maintained. As well as factoring in the cost, also think about location, especially if you are planning on visiting several times. Long drives and emergencies a long way away from home can be an added stress and pressure that nobody needs.

Good Communication is the Key to Success

Even though you are trying to do the best for your senior relative, it is still important to keep lines of communication open and clear. Always ask your relative what they would like, get their insights and value their input, and this will help you to ensure that they are happy and content in their new surroundings.