Accommodation choices in short stay Exeter

This blog entry is composed by Courtney Harmstone, new alumni of the Mama International Film Business. Courtney is assisting the College of Exeter as a Marketing Partner and advancing two-element films.

Finding a spot to stay is now a test. And it is made significantly more diligently when you want to find accommodation that permits you to lease for a long time. Exeter, regardless of being a college town, doesn’t have numerous choices to hire for a short timeframe. Notwithstanding, there are a couple of spots available for short-term rentals. And also have housed understudies from the Mama International Film Business before!

Why are serviced condos especially interesting for business explorers?

Serviced condos meet the pattern within recent memory. With the increasing versatility and adaptability in work, brief living ideas have become increasingly significant.

Numerous business explorers need to move to one more city for quite a long time or months for projects. Then they find staying in inns incredibly inconvenient.

Serviced accommodation in Exeter lofts as a half-breed among home and inn offers the most innovative possible solution. The lofts are more significant than the average lodging. Ordinarily, they have a completely prepared kitchen and a practically independent living and sleeping region. Simultaneously, they are less expensive than equivalent lodgings because of diminished help.

The visitors set aside cash and are more independent. Then they can likewise anticipate a more roomy and plain climate in the serviced condos.

Serviced condos are becoming increasingly well known with inn-tired business explorers. They are likewise becoming a top pick with recreation voyagers for short-term stays.

After speaking to a couple of late understudies and graduated class, I have had the option to assemble a short rundown of the associations that deal with short stay Exeter.


Airbnb is regularly considered a short-term choice; a significant number of our understudies were adequate in finding their condos or rooms in Exeter through Airbnb. However, one established understudy even explained he got a deduction for chartering an Airbnb for the whole duration he dwelled in Exeter. 

No one can say with any certainty – it merits a shot! By and by, this might turn out to be a more costly choice, and it is suggested, assuming you have a more modest spending plan, to take a gander at different options recorded.


When I was an understudy in Exeter, I leased a room in the INTO facilities. The INTO accommodation is valuable, clean, has a suite lavatory and a little kitchenette. Numerous graduated classes and current understudies have leased rooms in INTO.

King Edwards Studios:

King Edwards Studios is a great choice, with huge rooms and good short goddesses. The condo accompanies a suite restroom, a twofold bed, and a lot of extra space.

The Kingfisher:

The Kingfisher is a more current form in Exeter, independently run (meaning it isn’t partnered with the college). Then they offer short-term leases (September to January and chaperone a suite washroom and a limited kitchenette.

Exeter Understudy Cushion:

Several understudies from the beyond two years additionally tracked down a spot to stay through the site Exeter Understudy Cushion. However, this site considers accommodation in Exeter, with various classes.


This is a seriously challenging choice requiring additional time and more examination. A significant number of our understudies observed heavenly condos and room shares for their time in Exeter. Assuming you choose to take this course. I suggest skype calling the property manager before committing – like that; you can see the space and ensure it’s appropriate for you!

Last Thought

When traveling, the assignment of looking for excellent accommodation friendly in every case is high on need. Nonetheless, your choices for accommodation are generally limited to lodgings and costly and come up short on genuinely necessary simple touch.