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EDR, or extended detection and response, is a combination of cyber security tools that comes in one “magic”, easy-to-handle package. These EDR platforms are the way that antivirus and other softwares have evolved, and it’s important to businesses of all kinds whose data and other assets need to be digitally protected. Gartner’s kept tabs on EDR platforms of all kinds to see which of them has “the magic”. Thanks to their strong data and comparison tools, you can now find the top performers and the EDR products that won customers over, with real review headlines from the Gartner site to boot. Read below for more on the EDR protective platforms that made users everywhere say “wow”.

SentinelOne Singularity Platform

“Implementation was easy, Account Management fantastic, The Product does what is says”

Number one on the list of reviews here is SentinelOne’s EDR, which has the ability to protect endpoints without disruption or causing issues in performance over the course of its active involvement. Additionally, the support and account management teams of SentinelOne are praised highly and second to none in their approach to helping users secure their networks quickly and efficiently, which is how it’s earned its place in the Gartner EDR Magic Quadrant.

CrowdStrike Falcon

“Falcon – CROWDSTRIKE an exclusive and outstanding EDR Solutions”

Stepping in to save businesses who have had trouble with other EDRs, Falcon is a comprehensive tool that offers next-gen AV technologies and threat visibility that far surpasses numerous other platforms. It’s through Falcon’s lightweight agent that many critical issues, from ransomware to the blue screen of death, are avoided and mitigated over even a short period.

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (MDE)

“Best option for preventive system protection against remote attacks”

This consolidated, systematic EDR solution is provided by Microsoft, so its compatibility with Windows is top-notch. In addition, it’s known for allowing users to affect security measures at different levels with different endpoints, and even provides behavior analysis and cloud activation features to boot — with all of this fully integrating into the Windows OS.

VMware Carbon Black EDR

“Carbon Black EDR and endpoint visibility”

The award-winning Carbon Black product is yet another that crowns their own achievements year after year, and this time, they’ve proven themselves by providing unrivaled visibility levels and control levels within their platform. Anyone looking to use Carbon Black for EDR can look forward to consistent protection that users couldn’t find in prior solutions.

Symantec Advanced Threat Protection

“Symantec ATP is the swiss knife in your fight against threats. Easy to use but versatile!”

Symantec is hailed for its protection consistency by many users, and for good reason: its versatility includes numerous remediation sources and easy, one-click updates, with a GUI that’s “clear and fast”. Clearing up all endpoints with a single action is easy and simple with Symantec’s ATP, which has been regularly noted for its stability.

Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack Platform (KATA)

“Add visibility in your network with KATA”

Kaspersky’s EDR offers strong visibility of threats that go under the radar regularly thanks to SPAN traffic analytics and detection of malware types that otherwise can’t be seen without a Sandbox component. Cyberattacks that prove more evasive can be found by KATA and taken into account before unwitting downloads can endanger the network.

Panda Adaptive Defense 360

“Panda is more than an antivirus software.”

With a dashboard containing all the relevant information a business could need about their security measures and needs, Panda Adaptive Defense 360 is a clear frontrunner for providing systematic and clear feedback that can be read and understood to make informed decisions at every turn — not just with antivirus measures, but the entire EDR suite. It’s capable of easily isolating troubled endpoints to allow for quick remediation in the event of a breach.

Trend Micro XDR

“Trend XDR continues to excel in the area of EDR / MDR / XDR (One central pane of glass)”

Endpoint telemetry is consolidated and made to be incredibly insightful, giving users an accessible SOC (security operations center) for management of threats and alerts as well as controls for an enterprise’s security baselines. With quick communication and forensic experts at your side, Trend Micro’s XDR provides an amazing experience as well as consistent results.

Cybereason Defense Platform

“An essential tool when customised for your environment.”

Early detection is the name of the game with Cybereason, and their Defense Platform can find a lot of suspicious activity early enough to automatically block them. Cybereason Defense Platform also provides data that’s deep and full of insights strong enough for a security analyst to make informed decisions every time, even neutralizing malicious events in less than an hour.

Check Point (Harmony Endpoint)

“Check Point, the Bentley of the Security Industry. Security with Class.”

Check Point’s thing is zero day protection — as in, protection that responds in less than a day to each threat, so you’re never under attack for long. Between that guarantee and the work they put into vulnerability management, Harmony Endpoint is the pinnacle of Check Point’s EDR efforts, culminating in a product that matches the reputation of the brand to a grand degree.

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