A new Russian startup will solve supplier problems

Chinese investors are interested in a B2B marketplace, made by Russian businessmen

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New times call for new business solutions. Earlier manufacturers had to perform many operations “manually”, now they have an opportunity to do it automatically online. Thanks to the Cezyo Pro project, developed by key Russian market players together with IT producers, finally there is no need to waste time on searching and training sales agents, controlling final prices and searching for distribution channels. Cezyo Pro project is a new B2B marketplace, with its deep integration of SmartMerch’s machine learning tools and neural network applications. This digital platform provides many different capabilities – everything for a successful retailer. 

Cezyo Pro is a unified database of suppliers and distributors, where stores can order top quality goods from any manufacturer. Suppliers get all the necessary tools to transfer their partner base to the marketplace and cooperate with them at preferential rates. Importantly, partner base of suppliers and distributors is not available to other users: the creators of the platform treat each participant with respect, protect their business contacts and value their input.

Sales management in the new Cezyo Pro Marketplace is easy and convenient. The advantages are transparent pricing, the ability to analyze sales, residuals and to enter new distribution channels. The system integrates SmartMerch technologies, which reduce the time for auditing new outlets, increasing its reliability and quality. It’s possible to create additional demand for goods in stores by offering to make goods «to order». This attracts new customers and increases sales growth, because the range of products expands. If clients invite their friends and acquaintances to buy products of a particular brand, there is a special incentive system for them. This also stimulates the sales growth of quality goods in the marketplace.

The project has predecessors abroad. The French Ankorstore has already attracted 250 million euros and is valued at 2 billion euros, and the Indian SaaS SupplyNote has earned 1.2 million dollars. Unlike Cezyo Pro, these are conventional B2B online stores, which in addition take a large commission from manufacturers – about 10%. The Russian B2B marketplace, meanwhile, offers suppliers the lowest commission on the market (less than 1% of the total amount).

The main principles of the digital platform are the idea of rational consumption, cost reduction and simplified dialogue. The new marketplace supports producers of high quality goods, including local and family businesses. Any convenience store can become a part of a large E-com hypermarket. Participation in the project is free for vendors and distributors. All functionality and registration is available on the Cezyo.space website and in the mobile app. Chinese investors are already interested in this project.