A Helpful Guide To Get Instagram Followers

With the advent of Instagram in 2010, netizens soon sought to create their own virtual space in this visual social networking site. The hunt for the most instagrammable content has become all the rage in the modern-day scenario making pictures speak louder than words. Millions of users use the platform on a daily basis which is good to get Instagram followers and drive more traffic to your page while at the same time, it can get highly competitive too.

There are nearly 1 billion active Instagram users and the difficulty to get Instagram likes or followers is a stranger to none. Can one grow their Instagram organically? This question may sound haunting but fear no more. It all depends on how one makes the best use of this innovation.

Importance of Instagram

These days, social media platforms are not limited only to global networking. Rather they have become a major platform of advertising and marketing as well. This means that business owners and brand owners utilize it to grow their business and also drive more traffic and potential customers. Here are the reasons why the use of Instagram can come in very handy in today’s modern world.

  • It allows you to extend your accessibility, reach your customers easily, and also connect with your customers and followers better and more personally. Therefore, you can understand their needs with better clarity.
  • Visual stimulation works better when it comes to grabbing one’s attention and Instagram is the best platform for the same.
  • Instagram is mainly a visual platform that is dominated by images and visuals and as such, if your pictures are appealing, attractive, and informative at the same time, it will instantly help you drive more customers to your page.
  • It is a great platform to market your products as when you get instagram followers increasingly, you are also getting increased potential converts. Therefore, you can understand their needs and preferences and market the product strategically.
  • Instagram also has handy tools to give you an insight on how your page is doing. It also allows you to understand whether your page is visible to followers and other Instagram users or not. It helps you understand when your followers are most attractive and what posts they are most attached to. Hence, you can customise your page accordingly and attract more followers.

Tips for increasing Instagram followers

● Believe it or not but as far as Instagram is concerned, beauty lies on the outside. Given the fact that it is a visual site, this point is justified. People here judge a book by its cover. If the cover tempts them, only then will they be intrigued enough to read the book. If the post has engaging visual content, only then will people check out the entire post. Ergo, catch the eye. Post photos that are of a high quality and sue to this, investing in a good camera can come in very handy. If you want to succeed on Instagram, your picture certainly needs to pop. It needs to scream for attention automatically. 

● Interact with followers and engage with other posts. This is an extremely essential step if one is to increase their visibility for if you are screaming in an abandoned city, are you actually screaming? Make noise where people can hear you. Hence, you need to keep your followers engaged if you not only want to get instagram followers but also want to keep them.

● If pictures are the king of Instagram, captions are the queen. The next thing people look at after the picture is the caption. Get creative with captions. Play with words, use puns, or go full-on Shakespeare and coin your own words. Pictures with a good and unique caption do much better than those without one or those accompanied only by emojis so watch your words. Use captions your followers can relate to and may get inspired too.

● Use relevant hashtags. If the post is about a pet dog but the hashtag used is #outfitoftheday, the post is as good as non-existent. It will discourage potential visitors to check out other posts and will make them leave with a poor impression. Don’t give false hopes. Hence, use hashtags that are actually relevant to the picture you have posted.

● Prioritize quality over quantity. While it is suggested to post regularly to have a diverse reach, no one wants to see disproportionate pictures with bad lighting in their feed. Post quality pictures with as much natural light as possible. One good picture a day will make the people want to stay. It does not matter if you do not post on a daily basis, your post has to high quality and engaging.

● Pick a theme for the page. It could be a color theme or a prop that always pops up in every feed, anything that makes the page exude its uniqueness. Editing plays a major role in this factor. Therefore, you can pick the same filter for all the posts to add an aesthetic and create a balanced feed.

Glam the gram!

Be it an influencer, or a bookstagrammer, anyone can up their insta game and grow their Instagram likes or followers with these simple tips and tricks. Instead of spending money buying followers who will not engage in any posts, spend time working on quality pictures, creative captions, relevant hashtags, and interact more to grow your Instagram organically. It will prove beneficial in the long run. Therefore, without further ado, let the gram games begin!

You can use these tips to get instagram followers and attract them towards your posts. You can thereby cater to their needs by understanding their requirements and preferences. Instagram is a major and popular platform to grow your business and also build a strong online presence. Hence, applying the right strategies and techniques to grow your page is extremely important. Make sure you keep the above mentioned tips in mind and your page will surely succeed.