No matter how far we are, Your online presence is yet to rise, 

Distance means so little when the ultimate outcome is so nice. 

The concept of offshore development or hiring a team of offshore developers has been rising so lately. And why not since here you can avail yourself of a wide range of benefits. Over these years I have written so much about offshore software development, and I must say it is one of the finest outsourcing practices available at low cost. Now, do you think that businesses tend to consider offshore software development companies like just because it turns out to be a cost-effective option? Definitely Not! 

The following post acts as a generic guide to offshore software development featuring what is offshore software development, how it is beneficial and what challenges might arise while conducting your first offshore software development project and most important of all why you must set up an offshore development centre. 

Introducing Offshore Software Development 

In simple words when you tend to outsource your web development project with the help of a bunch of programmers but here’s the twist offshore software development is only when you hire programmers from different countries. No matter how easy this might sound on the surface but let me warn you starting a software development project is rather challenging. You need a team of the best programmers at your service. Now I wouldn’t emphasise more on hiring an in-house team of professionals because firstly, it’s so damn expensive and secondly, you don’t have to take all the headache of hiring, recruitment, interviewing candidates, sanctioning holidays, etc. Here outsourcing or considering an offshore software development company turns out to be the best bet. 

Choosing an offshore software development company means considering a dedicated team of software developers located in a far-away country. Further below I would like to mention certain benefits of choosing an offshore software development company. 

Benefits of choosing an offshore software development company

#1 Cost-Effective

Creating software solutions is not a cost-effective venture. Do you know that today every small, medium and large scale enterprise tends to invest millions and millions in keeping their IT ecosystems relevant and intact? With offshore software development, we have a chance to save an adequate amount of money and conduct the best development procedure like never before. 

The rising demand for software development and the rise in the price of development cannot be ignored at any rate. Now here’s the catch you need to develop a top-notch product again at a reasonable price and an offshore software development company is the only way out. Here apart from the cost you can safeguard yourself from unnecessary facilities, recruitments, maintaining teams, etc. 

#2 Focus on your Core Business

Apart from being cost-effective, another important factor or benefit offered by choosing an offshore software development company is to focus on your core business pursuits. Here my only concern is if you are not a technically-oriented person, then it is pretty wise to choose a reputable company that carries immense expertise in developing such projects not just because they are great at their jobs but because you can focus more on your core expertise. Just leave your needs and requirements to them and let them do their jobs. 

All and all, you have to make sure that your offshore tasks do not critically impact your business. After all, this is just a software development project that will boost your main business and not the other way around. 

#3 Technical Support

Another crucial advantage of hiring an offshore software development company is getting technical support to a great extent. Again developing a software solution is no child’s play, one has to seek appropriate support and assistance or else they could be finished in no time. 

When we talk about IT services, the more the merrier quote perfectly fits here. Having plenty of people to look after your needs, business and support is the best thing one could ask for especially in today’s competitive market. Also, getting instant access to a wide pool of talent makes things easy-going. What if some technical glitch arises, what if things don’t work as planned, here choosing development centre teams featuring knowledgeable and well-experienced professionals makes it easygoing and a smooth ride. Here the most prominent thing is that you get your money’s worth in knowledge and skills. 

Offshore Software Development Centres

Again an offshore software development centre or an offshore software development company is a place where we can get everything from an appropriate office infrastructure to manpower (a team of the best offshore software developers), and technical expertise, to accomplish the development process in the best possible way. 

Now many of you have this misconception that offshore software development centres and outsourcing software development companies are the same. Well, both of them are distinct concepts. Outsourcing means you can outsource certain services from a third party company and it can be located anywhere, even in the neighbouring country. Whereas offshore means hiring third-party services from a different country. Why must one consider an offshore software development centre? 

  • Cost-effective option
  • Access to a wide range of talent pool
  • Best Technical Support
  • Reduce time to market
  • Efficient Resources

The only challenges while considering an offshore software development centre could be: 

Each one of the aforementioned challenges is of a kind but this surely doesn’t mean one cannot overcome them. All you have to do is choose a reputable offshore software development company and relax. Also, do not forget to treat your offshore development teams just like your onshore and see how well they can deliver in regards to your predetermined expectations.  

So yes this is all for now! I hope you found the handy post meaningful. In case, if you still have any doubts or queries, feel free to mention that in the comment section below. 

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