A Guide to Cloud Ecommerce Platform Options for SMBs

Technology has enabled many businesses to go online no matter how small they are. With a small or medium business, you do not need to create your own website, struggle to market it, and fight for customers. Rather, you can subscribe to a cloud ecommerce platform that will help you list your products through a web shop that is integrated with large markets and multi-shops, offer you an already established brand name, and do many other things for your business.

So, are you planning to seek the help of a cloud ecommerce platform for your SMB? All you need is to keep reading to learn why you need one.

What Is a Cloud Ecommerce Platform?

Generally, this means a business that operates online with data stored in remote servers called the cloud. So, you can access your business operations from any part of the world once you are connected to the internet. It is the opposite of an on-premise business solution.

Well, a cloud ecommerce platform liberates SMBs from the need to use expensive-to-manage and less known personal websites to market and sell their products. Apart from accessing your market from anywhere, the products are exposed to a ready market, operation solutions, and payment solutions.

All you need is to look for a reliable cloud ecommerce platform that will suit your business, set up a web shop as guided by them, add products, launch your store, market with the provided tools, and choose sales channels. Then, your business will be off the ground.

·  Virto Commerce – If you are looking for an easy-to-use ecommerce platform with a lot of useful features, choose Virto Commerce without hesitation. Mostly, they deal with B2B companies, but you can still launch a B2C company with the platform too. Some of the benefits include web shop creation, product addition and management, marketing tools, integration with multi-vendor and multi-store capabilities, and secure payment options.

·  NopCommerce – This is another open-source cloud ecommerce platform that will help your SMB get off the ground successfully. It is the number one competitor to Virto Commerce; hence, the features are almost the same.

·  Shopify – This cloud ecommerce platform has helped many small online stores to launch successfully. It is easy and simple to set up a store with Shopify, and you can manage your business remotely from anywhere.

What Are the Benefits of a Cloud Ecommerce Platform?

Apart from the three we have mentioned, there are dozens of others you can check. Any cloud ecommerce platform comes with many benefits. And the major ones are cloud-based data access, management, and reporting.

Another benefit is the ability to market your business and connect with customers. We all know keeping customers informed about your products is very essential. A cloud ecommerce platform connects you to customers through emails, chatbots, social media platforms, and many other ways.

There is also the benefit of back-end management. These platforms take care of payments, inventory management, marketing, and a lot of other things. All you are left with is to manage your products and focus on customers.


With all these insights, you can now see the need to have a cloud ecommerce platform for your SMB. Most businesses have gone online, and you can too. All you need is to choose the best platform and launch your business with it.